Rose Bowl 1/1/11 UPDATE!

On a recent day I was ready & set to go watch the Rose Bowl football game between the Texas Christian Horned Frogs (TCU) & the Wisconsin Badgers. Ready because I didn’t want to miss the festivities and certainly not the kick-off!! 

Apparently I was the only one. The same thing happened with the Rose Bowl game as with the Pasadena Citihall Christmas Tree  lighting ceremony a couple of weeks earlier: I was ready, on time punctual, again, on the mark, while everyone else was a late, very tardy arrival!  Lettuce call them No Shows. Just the undecorated tree & me!



Well, of course I couldn’t believe my eyes: just an empty Bowl & me. And I was still hungry! Stood up again.

Alone with the Rose Bowl I reflected for a moment on the vast history of that sacred land, as the Indians would claim, and the galloping ghosts of footballers AND others past. Perhaps it’s the sacred why I even thought I saw the image of my  ghost on that field!!  But I knew the critical, skeptical, or political would just explain it away as some visual illusion, hallucination, or just a sudden jolt of hunger pains.


And if that wasn’t enuf:


It wasn’t just the fans & footballers who failed to show up on time that day!  A true Cafe Pasadena’s Believe It or Not!!  in front of my eyes, have not seen the glory!  It’s OUTRAGEOUS, I tell ya!!

Well, I’m as patient & forgiving as the Lord with y’all and will reschedule the game to give y’all a second chance to show up! Just as I did with our Christmas Tree lighting.  Come ALL, or Not at all:  Saturday, January 1st, 2011 at 1:30pm. Be There, or Be…Late. Again!!

But don’t expect me to be waiting up for y’all to show up this time. I’ve learned my lesson.  This time I’ll just be sleeping in late!  Then, eating out great!!  I’ll just leave y’all to enjoy the game put on by the very good people – mostly volunteers – of the Tournament of Roses association.




Photo : Tournament of Roses

RoseBowl game 11111

Well, of course I can’t believe my eyes. Looks like at least a few people were actually reading this blog and showed up yesterday at the new time I listed above!! Like nite & day, empty & full! I’m humbled by this outpouring of…delayed rainfall. 

Thank Y’All. Because of this, we’ll do it again next year.





Gotta Have a Happy New Year. You Too! Stay Thirsty My Friends




19 responses to “Rose Bowl 1/1/11 UPDATE!

    • Yes, you’re late SC but you’re worth the wait. I’m glad you were amongst the other late arriving crowd who took me up on my 2nd chance/rescheduling offer at the Rose Bowl. 😉

    • The Badgers were thrown to the Christians this year, KB. But some will say Pasadena is the winner every year. Whether they mean ST or LT, I’m at a loss there.

      I do need to have breakfast this morning, MF. But I think I’ll skip any with Retless Dez.

    • I’m thirsty for a Mojito, Irina. You have any extras in your office by chance?

      PA, I missed most of the RB/RP events this year including the tv kick-off. But I saw it at a friends so I’m assume it was on abc espn like last year. A Happier NY 2 U 2!

    • SG, I’m slow compared to you artists but I finally got Jeans gem. And I’m always happy when I can put a smile or laugh into an artists face!

      Erika, thanks & U2.