B r e a k i n g N e w s!

Thought I’d get this word out there ASAP to give those of you who need as much time as possible to come up with some reason why you won’t be able to attend our latest gathering of bloggers (hopefully I won’t be one of them 😉 ):

The Altadenans led by the tireless Tim Rutt, The Altadena Blog-er, plan to host their annual local area Blogger get together – I think it’s called something like “The Pastaverde” – on…now, make a note of this:

Saturday March 19th 2011

Farnsworth Park in Altadena


Details are being finalized at which time more reliable & official notice will be coming from Tim.

But for now you (you know who you are) have been put on notice! Put down the date in your new 2011 calendar. I hope I hear just, “Yeah, I’ll be there for sure’s!” from y’all.


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17 responses to “B r e a k i n g N e w s!

  1. Thank you for the crazy advance notice. Barring a freak Pasadena/Altadena snowstorm (wouldn’t that me awesome!) I’ll be there.

    • Miss J…disappointed. I wood’ve xpected a more creative xcuse from you than this! We’ve all heard this one before – the standard blame it on someone else reason.

      Well, that’s why I put out the date 2mths hence so people had time to think up with creative, crazy excuses never heard before. The kind you wanna say, “should be in Ripley’s Believe It or NOT!!”

    • Are u saying you’re still gonna bee in TX, JS??

      PIO, I know it’s Saturday a typical work day for your but block everything off that one day!

      BW: me & U make 2.