Euro Pane’s Poet Laureate


That’s what I call him. And friend.


Lester Graves Lennon


“Fellow traveler at Euro Pane” is one thing he calls me.

“But, Lester is from Altadena!”, you may protest.  Hey, don’t believe everything you hear from the county!  The Altadeners are not a bunch of troublemakers.  A few may be tree-huggers, bikers, or cat-lovers, but otherwise that peculiar land to our north is filled with flag waving, law abiding, dog loving, literate, blogging patriots! And that wonderful newspaperman, T.R., who blogs over Altadena at his AltadenaBlog!

Oh, and some poets…


I have been called. Now, I must answer.
I have seen things, seen them with my heart;
been there, been part, been violator
and violated, been admiral
and his sailor.  I must bear witness,
leave safe harbor offered by silence,

–Lester Graves Lennon (excerpt from poem Things I Have Seen in his book of poetry The Upward Curve of Heaven & Earth. Story Line Press 2001)



Lennon is synonymous with words. Beatle & lyricist John Lennon’s song lyrics of half century past, and now, poet Lester Lennon.  There may be a blood relationship there, but I have neither the time or expertise for genealogical research.

I certainly no wordsmith. So, lemme try to get to the point.  Lester just had a new book of poetry published: My Father Was a Poet.

And of course, good people I know, doing good work, I try to give my good support.  His book tour across the country launches here in Pasadena this Sunday afternoon at his favorite cafe – Euro Pane.  It makes poetic sense for Lester to have his launch at Euro Pane: a major supporter of the SLake L.A. literary journals and LitFest Pasadena.  And Sumi deChef/Owner is a voracious reader herself, on a range of subjects, for a start.  I’ve found she happens to know a good deal about taste & food too. I’m no longer surprised what she is studying!




Who is this for?  Any of the following are especially invited:

Lester Grave Lennon friends/family/fanatics/followers
Euro Pane Bakery & Cafe friends/family/fanatics/first-timers
Poetry or Poet lovers
Those wanting to get into poetry
Readers or Book collectors
SLake readers
LitFest Pasadena lovers


Come on down to support a local writer/poet.



Read CW Books


I happen to have Lester’s first book of poetry – The Upward Curve of Earth & Heavens – and I have to say, this is one of the very few books of poetry I like enough to actually purchase! 

To meet and know Lester is to know a wise, educated, modest, good & humble person, to say the least.  We all need more of these type of people in our lives.  You have an opportunity this Sunday afternoon. Recommended. Come out to support our local authors, especially you Altadeners!


393925aEven Presidents listen to his words



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Gotta Read. Stay Thirsty My Friends

Pasadena Greetings


The Photographers Photographer

I’ve mentioned here before the difficulty I encounter to blog and how I envy those of you who have the time & organization to blog more than once a week, and even daily!

One problem I have with blogging is just deciding on the subject! It’s not for a lack of topics.  Actually the amount of material can so overwhelm me to the point of paralyzing me from blogging until another day, or week. I call it Bloggers Block.

Luckily I didn’t have to postpone today’s post to another day. It took only 2-3 minutes to find & decide upon…Cafe Pasadena’s Believe It or Not!  Besides, it’s been waiting over 2 years for its turn, so it’s about time.


So, what’s with this blog post?




Pictured above I’m at the new Euro Pane Bakery & Cafe, between the Paseo Colorado & Citihall, back in 2010 about a month prior to its opening. (Has it been over 2 years already??)

There are numerous things, to say the least, which need to be done prior to opening a restaurant, or any business.  The activities on that particular day were part of menu planning. While the menu would be basically like the original Euro Pane, the new would have a few new wrinkles added.

On this same day I photographed the professional photographer above.  He was there with his wife. They are professional photographers & filmmakers specializing in travel. When they arrived they got most of our attention temporarily off the restaurant/food and onto their travel work and their Canon camera! 

I was pleasantly surprised to hear a couple of my women friends discussing photography with this photographer. Although not pros, they definitely sounded like serious amateur photogs compared to me!  I still use only a point & shoot and ask questions later camera as my only weapon. I’m not ready to advance to the next Xpen$ive camera yet.


Food & Photography: When opposites attract. 


Food is the main purpose for my carrying a camera. What is your chief reason to have a camera??



Gotta Point & Shoot. Stay Thirsty My Friends