A Pasadena Art Weekend


Time for my occasional  recommendation of things to do in Pasadena.   Usually they are FREE, but quality, as they are for this weekend of October 11-13th.

We have Pasadena Art Weekend featuring Muse/Ique.  A brief description of each will follow with links for more detailed information.

Pasadena Art Weekend is the big twice a year city sponsored art, music, and food event, and the major thing to do this weekend. Each day will have a different emphasis. The weekend opens this Friday night at 6pm with ArtNight offering free admission to most Pasadena cultural venues.  18 cultural institutions will offer something for everyone. Food is the big draw Saturday at the Art of Food, with the ArtWalk offering an art fair and music. The artsy weekend closes Sunday afternoon with music from ArtRhythm at the Paseo Colorado.    Pasadena Art Weekend

Although I can recommend virtually any event of ArtNight, if you could attend only one I’d tell you hear Muse/Ique, led by the wonderful music goddess Rachael Worby, at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium plaza.  I’ve been to a few of Muse/Ique’s concerts, and if time and money were no factor I’d attend every one of their unique musical concerts!  But this one is FREE, so we’re without excuse if we miss it.  Muse/Ique

Also on Friday night, visit the Armory Center for the Arts but don’t leave without checking out the bluesy sounds from Buddy Zapata’s Junkshop Republic, with art installed by Kat Roberts.  Plus, you should know more about the Crown City of Pasadena than it loves roses & has some old buildings by checking out the Pasadena Museum of History. Their current exhibit features wedding gowns & personal wedding stories.

Saturday is ArtWalk. An art fair with some music & food thrown in for good taste. Among the artists displaying their talents will be Pasadenan, Alicia Gorecki.  Perhaps you’ve seen a taste of her work at Euro Pane Bakery Cafe. Check more of her out at ArtWalk.


There you have a couple of FREE neat things to do which will fill most of this weekend!


Gotta Eat! Stay Thirsty My Friends.

Pasadena Greetings


Pasadena Weekend Photo

Working for the weekend?  If you’re in the Pasadena area, or can be, and need some fun & FREE events to do besides working, there is always something “to do”  And if you’re not gonna be in our area I may still have something for you – Free Car Washes! Here are my suggestions for this Fathers Day weekend…

This weekend theme is Fun, Free, Food, Friends & Fathers. Fun cuz they are & it should be when we’re not working.! Food cuz everything goes better with food, especially for us dogs, and cuz food will be available at all these events.  Friends cuz I know people connected with all but one of these events. And last but not least – Fathers – cuz while it’s Fathers Day everyday for the wives & children, we always have one day of the year (this Sunday) just to remind them if some may have forgotten.

Pasadena Chalk Festival.  A street art event not to be missed. Chalk turned into large amazing murals of art on the sidewalk & pavement of the Paseo Colorado and Convention Center!  Saturday & Sunday from 10 – 7pm. This annual project of artistic light is brought to you by, and a benefit for, the Light Bringers backed by a host of assistants such as 100.3 The Sound radio, Pasadena Convention Center, El Cholo Cafe, and more.


Shunji 1stPlace Winner 2011 Shunji – a 1st place winner in the Pasadena Chalk Fest 2011



Pasadena Police Classic Car Show. This 12th annual event, on Fathers Day, is held adjacent to the Chalk Festival either on Colorado Blvd or Green St. Last year it was on Green and I asked the Pasadena PIO Bill Boyer if it would be “on the same street as last year?” and I thought my sharp dog hearing heard him say, “Yeah.”  Yet, I noticed a listing for it on Colorado. Well, it won’t be the first time the government or the newspapers say or print something that wasn’t accurate!  So, my canine wisdom is: just go to the Chalk Fest or Paseo Colorado and you’ll soon discover the way of the Classic Car Show.  My bet is it will be on the Green street side of the Paseo again.  Cars, cars, cars – most old, a couple new, all unique and special. And a helicopter. You can enter a raffle for a police helicopter ride!  You’ll see a lot of Fathers here, like Chief of Police Sanchez, brought my their children or vice-versa.  I believe this is where I first met The Chief and his family.

Since I mentioned the Chief, lemme describe his car show his own way: “On June 16, the Pasadena Police Department will sponsor its 12th Annual Classic Car Show.  All proceeds benefit the Pasadena Police Activities League, Pasadena Police Explorers, and Haven House.  The car show is in conjunction with the Pasadena Chalk Festival.  Vehicles will line Green Street at the Paseo Colorado, between Marengo Avenue and Euclid Avenue.  There will be prizes, food, live entertainment, raffles and much more.”


Classic Car Show 2013 

At the Pasadena Police Classic Car Show


P1280756 PasaPoliceCarShow 2011



And to close off the weekend, this Sunday evening the annual free Levitt summer concerts in the park make their return! You can hear them in Los Angeles or Pasadena. Of course, we’re most interested in the Levitt Pasadena concerts happening at Memorial Park.  Seating is mostly on the lawn which suggests bringing a picnic basket to make your musical evening suggestive of a small scale Hollywood Bowl experience with our own smaller bowl pavilion. But remember it’s FREE!  Musical styles run the course from Americana to Eclectic to Latin. 

Also at the Levitt, be sure to take a listen to the new, upcoming talent at the Luckman World Arts or Side Stage located just to the side of the main bowl stage!   This stage was managed by a friend, a USC music major and local Pasadena gal.  And I seem to recall she’ll be doing it again this year.  Come out to lend them your ears!


Levitt 2012 P1890665 A talented friend, & former Altadenan, sings on the Luckman World Arts Stage at the Levitt, Pasadena CA.


But if you can’t be in Pasadena, here’s something that might work out for my readers who drive Hondas: Free Car Washes. FREE!  Let me explain:

I’m working with SoCal Honda representatives to help spread the word about their upcoming Father’s Day free car wash event this weekend.
During Father’s Day weekend (6/15 & 6/16), the helpful “guys in blue” are taking over 7 different car washes all over SoCal and will be treating Honda drivers to a free car wash courtesy of the SoCal Honda Dealers- just one
more way SoCal Honda is being helpful.

The event starts at 10am at each of the select car washes and the first 60  Hondas will get a standard wash and vacuum.  Specific car locations will be given over their Facebook & Twitter pages.  Here are the planned cities they plan to offer the carwashes: Ontario, Whittier, Huntington Beach, North Hills, Corona, San Clemente, and Culver City.  Honda will be posting more about their free car wash event (and many other helpful events) on
Facebook.com/SoCalHondaDealers  & Twitter.com/HelpfulHonda so be sure to stay connected for more details if this interests you or you just can’t recall the last time you gave your Honda a wash!


There, I have something for every reader!


Gotta Get Back to the Fun, Food, etc! Stay Thirsty My Friends

Covering the Artist: Tony Gleeson

I told y’all about poet Lester Graves Lennon appearance at the original Euro Pane Bakery Cafe last Sunday.  Thank y’all who came out to pack the cafe to hear readings from his new book of poetry – My Father was a Poet – or to taste Lester’s Coconut Cake.

I know this is late, per the norm, but you know I’m lazy, and besides, I’m not a writer: This weekend I’m hear to tell y’all about another local artistic person I happen to know, personally only recently, but since 1989 via his cover arts for the Pasadena Weekly (PW)…


Tony Gleeson


If you read the current issue of PW you probably noticed the cover story is by/about my subject.  I’m just appending a reminder here of that story to CP and PW readers and recommending y’all come out to meet the artist TONITE (starts 7:30pm) at his opening reception at my favorite little bookshop, Pasadena’s Century Books on Green Street.  And, following through on my bark to Tony to write up his art opening on this ye olde blog.

A relatively small portion of Tony’s PW original cover art will be on display because of limited space and he has dozens & dozens of covers accumulated since he began doing the PW cover art last century.  However, basically whatever he’s done, on display or not, and mostly originals, will be available for purchase. I’ve seen the prices and unless you’re still one of Obama’s unemployed, they’re very affordable. Also, if you want a smaller or larger size than the standard PW page size that can probably be arranged. 

Need more reason to check his art tonite?  Check out much more of his work beyond the PW here at his website, Tony Gleeson.   Also, you can expect some Jazz music, Wine, Cheeze, oh, and Books!  This kinda thing is particularly for:

  • Fanatics/Friends/Followers/Family of the artist still known as Tony Gleeson
  • Fanatics/Friends/Followers/Family of Century Bookshop
  • Fanatics/Friends/Followers/Family/Staff of the Pasadena Weekly (or at least their cover art!)
  • Fanatics/Friends/Followers of Art, Books, Food, or Music
  • Fanatics/Friends/Followers/Family/Staff/Supporters of Cafe Pasadena Weekly!
  • Fanatics/Friends/Followers/Supporters of Pasadena or Art History
  • Fanatics/Friends/Followers/Supporters of Small or Independent Businesses
  • Or, maybe you’ve had a Favorite T.Gleeson PW cover you always wished you could purchase/own

But I, uh, I don’t fit in any of those groups!”, you scream.  OMG, if you live in Pasadena then it sounds something is missing!  My fix is start filling it immediately: tonite at Century Books, and, by following & reading this Cafe Pasadena blog from this day forward – the one New Years resolution everyone should make and keep! 


Century Bookshop, located in a historic landmark building (1039 E. Green St, Pasadena) & run by artists & bibliophile’s, is just around the corner from Euro Pane Cafe. It’s literally only a 1-2 minute walk from Colorado Blvd down to Green St.  In other words, if you made it to Euro Pane last Sunday, you can just as easily make it to Century this Saturday!


Here’s The Artist on the cover of the, ahem, Cafe Pasadena Weekly, giving y’all a personal invitation!



Gotta Eat! Stay Thirsty My Friends

Pasadena Greetings