Downsizing at Subway


When someone recently asked me if I was still writing at the Café Pasadena, I knew it was time – past time – to post something here!   It’s certainly not for a lack of “material”!  I’ve got plenty to write about our city of Pasadena.  Lemme say I’ve turned into a photographer more than writer. But I love doing both. Anyways, lettuce get back to my role as a scribe,…

The Subway name/brand is nearly as recognizable as McDonald’s is in the USA.  So even if they’re not to your taste, it’s unlikely you’ll take your last breath unless you’ve been their customer at least once.  I visit Subway approximately once per month.  Mostly for their 6’’” breakfast sandwich and 16oz coffee combo for $3.75. 

It’s one of the very best breakfast deals.

You can find similar, such as at TOGO’s. But their sandwich is smaller, their coffee cup is smaller, and for giving you less they charge you more: $4.00 here in Pasadena. Don’t ask me to explain the difference.  I’m sure Subway & TOGO’s have very bright, college-grads who have figured out their pricing strategies for them, and, us. 

Sometimes in lieu of price changes businesses will use downsizing as a means to reduce expenses or increase profit.   They give you less or smaller quantity for, initially, the same price. They feel it will work, for among other reasons, because you be less likely to notice or protest the fact they’re giving you less for the same, or sometimes, higher price!

My first recollection of encountering this downsizing business tactic was with rolls of paper towels. Slowly, over a few years, the number of towels per rolls and related thickness of them was decreasing. At first, the price stayed the same, but soon it too changed –  prices increased.  Therefore, with this paper towel industry they had the best of both worlds: downsizing, along with price upswings!

Now, with restaurants you’re entering a very, very competitive business. Everyone from your high-end, $500 a meal celebrity restaurant up to your gasoline stations are selling food & drink.  And everyday eateries are opening, and, closing! 

Subway & TOGO’s are direct competitors. So it wasn’t too surprising to see in the past month  Subway make a move in this breakfast combo race. They chose to downsize their coffee cup from 16oz to only 12oz. Same size as TOGO’s.   25% quantity decrease for the same price.   I suppose it’s similar to a 25% price increase. Even the annual inflation rate is much, much lower!   Price unchanged , for now.




I suppose the smart people at Subway made this decision because they believe it’s either what their customers would want, or which would  benefit the customer. And, therefore, probably benefit Subway. Give the customer what they want and your business will be rewarded!

Now, as far as your customer/writer is concerned, I don’t want to be given less of anything for the same (or, higher) price!   You?  However,  I will give Subway credit for free refills, something that many others don’t. 

My guess to why Subway is offering less coffee to its customers is perhaps they’re paying more for coffee beans or simply to get by with offering less to we the customer  in order to get more profit. Usually companies don’t announce price increases or quantity decreases.  Not the kinda of sales promotion they usually want to promote.

I will say this. This particular downsizing is not gonna stop me from ordering their breakfast combo.  Bet you they are betting this will be the normal customer response.


What about you, my loyal reader: are you inclined to take my view on this downsizing, or are you in agreement with Subway?

Where have you noticed downsizing, or when did you first notice this business tactic?

Do you prefer a price increase over a quantity downsize, or the other way around?



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Red rose



It looks like the corporate bigwigs at NBC, or anyone who may be pulling their strings behind them, have again forced out Jay Leno – the long-time host of the Tonight Show since Johnny Carson retired last century.

Once again it appears corporate is attempting to replace the older, proven, gray-haired host with a younger, hipper dude. First attempt was with Conan de O’Brien.  Round 2 is with Jimmy Fallon. 

Why has NBC made the changes? Well, Leno & The Tonight Show have been #1 in that 11:30pm time slot, even after Leno came back to rescue NBC after the O’Brien miscalculation, basically since he took over from Carson.  So, it can’t be that.

I guess we just have to trust , once again, the corporate experts at 30 Rockefeller Center know what they’re doing.  Have faith in them to know what you, the audience, really want to see, despite what the audience and ratings tell them. 

One part of Leno’s Tonight Show I’ll miss is the Headlines: Jay reads and shows ridiculous/funny newspaper headlines sent in from the audience.  Am I gonna have to take up his Headlines baton once Leno is gone? I don’t plan to. I’m not as funny or ridiculous as Jay. But here’s a pair of headlines from a couple of days ago.


Both headlines are about the same subject: announcing the employment/jobs statistics from March.


Our Pasadena Star News stick to the hard facts & stats by simply announcing the numbers.  It leaves the interpretation, good news or bad, to the readers.  Although, if you didn’t know better, these raw numbers could lead some to think the economy had a good month.  You’ll probably just have to read the article to form your own opinion.



The Los Angeles Times only states one stat (jobs) and interprets the economic news for the readers: It’s BAD economic news.  One could say The Times wants to lead you the reader to their way of seeing things.



As it turned out later, virtually all pundits & spinners interpreted these latest employment/economic numbers as negative. BAD News!  After gathering the facts, I also agree the Obama administration is still searching for a solution to this economic repression.

But, how do you want your news/paper or online – to report them to you initially?  Just the facts to help you form your own opinion (PSN Way), or giving you their interpretation/opinion to influence you to think like the media (The LAT  Way)?


Seen last Sunday


And, that’s HEADLINES for the week.


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Pasadena Greetings

Occupy Gas Stations


If you live in Pasadena or California I don’t have to tell you we usually have among the highest gasoline prices in the nation.  But that’s not enough, neither should I have to tell you the prices have been on the rise again in this new year.  Looks like the big oil companies make new years resolutions too.



I mentioned the Occupy movement on this old blog before, back in October 2011.  If you’re on a tight budget these gas prices probably tempt  you to wanna either organize an Occupy Gas Stations, or just sit out this latest round of price increases.

Has this affected your spending habits? I hope your weekly vehicle usage is not many miles.


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