Breakfast at Whole Foods

When more than one person asks me about my blog or “when are you going to write about me?!”, then I know I it’s time to send something up into the blogosphere again. So,……..


Breakfast at Tiffanys has been done, so I’ll do Breakfast at Whole Foods.

Pasadena has a Whole Foods Market (WFM).  As of a few years ago they now have TWO!  How is that??  Dunno. Most cities don’t even have one.  Luck & probably the WFM honchos see Pasadena as possessing a rare economic or social clout to support two.   Maybe in the future everyone will have at least one WFM, like Starbucks. Or maybe not.  Remember when every city desired a Starbucks?  (It wasn’t too long ago, believe it or not!)   Well, I didn’t get it but maybe some readers wouldn’t understand wanting a WFM either.

WFM has been my go-to supermarket for years. Alright, since the last century. To be exact, since it was known as Mrs. Gooch’s prior to the WFM takeover.

Back then the Glendale Gooch on Glendale Avenue was my regular spot with occasional visits to their West LA Gooch. It was cozy, natural, and felt independently owned. That’s gone, replaced by a WFM  built further south on Glendale Avenue.

Pasadena has two WFM’s: the 1st on Foothill in the Hastings Ranch area & the newer on Arroyo Parkway (AP) just south of Old Town.  Despite the AP being the newer and one of the very largest in the WFM chain, I’ve continued to make the Foothill location my regular joint since the week it opened.  Why? Not sure, but it’s not because one location is significantly closer than the other.

“You must’ve seen it all”, at Whole Foods!  NO.  But I do know I have not done all at WFM!

For instance, until the past year I don’t recall ever purchasing and eating my breakfast at WFM.  Now I usually go from the checkout to the dining tables inside WFM and promptly eat!  Here’s a typical view at Whole Foods Pasadena Foothill:




If it looks like I’m starting the day off slow….good. I hope so!  People watching, newspaper reading, mixed in with some healthy eating is a job I could do without demanding high pay.

Breakfast offerings range from Belgian waffles, fruit, salads,breakfast burritos, eggs (real & tofu),  to Mexican chilaquiles, and whatever else you want to include in your “breakfast”!

Notwithstanding the fact you’re in a supermarket, the eating atmosphere is comfortable, quiet, peaceful, and nobody seems to be in a rush. Usually at least half the dining space is taken.  We’re all just letting the day unfold at its own time.

“But, it must be Xpensive?”  Well, the breakfast buffet items are $8.49 per pound. Wednesdays you get a $2 discount.  And there’s made to order breakfast combos for about $4.99.  Admittedly, you can find places that are cheaper in price, and quality. We all make our choices.  Martini glass If you’ve never been to WFM or had their breakfast check them out, then come back with your own report!

Unfortunately my days usually don’t start this way.  Somedays I miss breakfast entirely.  But enough of my habits, what about you:

  • Do you have a favorite place or way to start your day of eating?

  • What’s your favorite breakfast item?


Gotta Eat! Stay Thirsty My Friends

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3 responses to “Breakfast at Whole Foods

  1. Used to visit Hasting’s Ranch Whole Foods until Sprouts opened on Rosemead. Yup, we make out choices and thats mine (it’s cheaper). But for breakfast I like the Barkly over by the Rose Bowl.