Stay tuned. Coming up next is…!

About past time I write something new here.  But when I’m not at the Café Pasadena, you may find me taking in the view at Pasadena Views or cruising Colorado Boulevard.   This happy new year has been relatively busier  new year for me.  You?  The Pasadena political campaign season didn’t help with my “more R & R” new years resolution.  Oh yeah, I’ve been also assisting my tireless friend and blog mother – Jill – the wonderful founder of the Pasadena Politics websites with politics, politicians, & political junkies.

Yep, me of all people.  It’s a tough job, but some crazy guy has to do it. Only the qualified needed apply.

Anyhows, here’s a clue to what I’ll soon be writing next here at the Café:


DSC03408 (2)

With The Mayor of Pasadena


“Oh, you’re going to talk about the soon to be retired Mayor Bogaard!”

No. No, not really.  But the central focus will be on Pasadena people. So, stay tuned to check back into the Café Pasadena! (BTW, Have a Happy 2015)

Gotta Write! Stay Thirsty My Friends

Red rose


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