Downsizing at Subway


When someone recently asked me if I was still writing at the Café Pasadena, I knew it was time – past time – to post something here!   It’s certainly not for a lack of “material”!  I’ve got plenty to write about our city of Pasadena.  Lemme say I’ve turned into a photographer more than writer. But I love doing both. Anyways, lettuce get back to my role as a scribe,…

The Subway name/brand is nearly as recognizable as McDonald’s is in the USA.  So even if they’re not to your taste, it’s unlikely you’ll take your last breath unless you’ve been their customer at least once.  I visit Subway approximately once per month.  Mostly for their 6’’” breakfast sandwich and 16oz coffee combo for $3.75. 

It’s one of the very best breakfast deals.

You can find similar, such as at TOGO’s. But their sandwich is smaller, their coffee cup is smaller, and for giving you less they charge you more: $4.00 here in Pasadena. Don’t ask me to explain the difference.  I’m sure Subway & TOGO’s have very bright, college-grads who have figured out their pricing strategies for them, and, us. 

Sometimes in lieu of price changes businesses will use downsizing as a means to reduce expenses or increase profit.   They give you less or smaller quantity for, initially, the same price. They feel it will work, for among other reasons, because you be less likely to notice or protest the fact they’re giving you less for the same, or sometimes, higher price!

My first recollection of encountering this downsizing business tactic was with rolls of paper towels. Slowly, over a few years, the number of towels per rolls and related thickness of them was decreasing. At first, the price stayed the same, but soon it too changed –  prices increased.  Therefore, with this paper towel industry they had the best of both worlds: downsizing, along with price upswings!

Now, with restaurants you’re entering a very, very competitive business. Everyone from your high-end, $500 a meal celebrity restaurant up to your gasoline stations are selling food & drink.  And everyday eateries are opening, and, closing! 

Subway & TOGO’s are direct competitors. So it wasn’t too surprising to see in the past month  Subway make a move in this breakfast combo race. They chose to downsize their coffee cup from 16oz to only 12oz. Same size as TOGO’s.   25% quantity decrease for the same price.   I suppose it’s similar to a 25% price increase. Even the annual inflation rate is much, much lower!   Price unchanged , for now.




I suppose the smart people at Subway made this decision because they believe it’s either what their customers would want, or which would  benefit the customer. And, therefore, probably benefit Subway. Give the customer what they want and your business will be rewarded!

Now, as far as your customer/writer is concerned, I don’t want to be given less of anything for the same (or, higher) price!   You?  However,  I will give Subway credit for free refills, something that many others don’t. 

My guess to why Subway is offering less coffee to its customers is perhaps they’re paying more for coffee beans or simply to get by with offering less to we the customer  in order to get more profit. Usually companies don’t announce price increases or quantity decreases.  Not the kinda of sales promotion they usually want to promote.

I will say this. This particular downsizing is not gonna stop me from ordering their breakfast combo.  Bet you they are betting this will be the normal customer response.


What about you, my loyal reader: are you inclined to take my view on this downsizing, or are you in agreement with Subway?

Where have you noticed downsizing, or when did you first notice this business tactic?

Do you prefer a price increase over a quantity downsize, or the other way around?



Gotta Go Get Coffee To Write More! Stay Thirsty My Friends

Red rose


The Slaw Dogs meet The Gastronomer

I like the Slaw Dogs – the new gourmet hot dog stand on Upper Lake Avenue here in Pasadena. Been there a couple times since they opened last month.

I also know Catherine de Gastronomer, my favorite food blogger friend who happens to live/work here in Pasadena while finding time during her days off to travel the world to bring me back her food discoveries!  smile_secret  Even gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches: which is what she, me, and couple other foodie friends tested last week in Pasadena. But, she’s getting married soon, to a Cal Techer who appears to be intelligent.  So her daze of wining, dining, and traveling may soon have to give way to sitting & staying at home more!!  Making sure the new hubby is happy, of course.   smile_wink  


Then again, I actually expect her to one day be a full-time professional food/restaurant writer. Maybe LA Weekly?  For starters.  Seriously.

But before that day comes, here is her current restaurant review on the Dogs of Slaw. I have my own opinion on this joint & food, naturally, but her review on this new place is nearly identical to what I would say.  So, without further ado, please take note of Catherine’s take on the Slaw:


In between consulting with a hair and make up gal who charged $400 for her services and visiting a bridal store that threatened a $100 rush fee for simple alterations, I gladly dug into some (relatively) cheap hot dogs at The Slaw Dogs. After being gouged left and right, the gourmet wiener shop felt like a sanctuary where brides-to-be could be properly fed without being nickel and dimed. What a relief. (Read More here)





Oh, btw, I did offer to do Catherine’s hair & make-up for half the price quoted above.  I’m still waiting on her response.

I’ll add this re Slaw Dogs.  If they ever get their weak link fixed (no bun intended) – the bun, then they truly can say as a reviewer in wrote last month:   “Hot dog stands across Los Angeles should be shaking in their boots right now. Ray Byrne of The Slaw Dogs in Pasadena has taken hot dogs to a whole new level!”  and  “Little does Pink’s know it, but there’s a new sheriff in town. Move over, little dog. The big dog’s movin’ in!


For more appetizing restaurant reviews, particularly located outside of Pasadena, please check into Catherine’s Gastronomy blog. She’s a sweetheart with a tasty palate.




I Have to Run. Suddenly Hungry for Some Reason.  Hmmm…Well, Stay Thirsty My Friends!



Euro Pane Bakery & Cafe II

Well, I’m told it’s become widely known on the internet and from there down to the street, so no reason for me to hold off any longer getting my spotlight out for those locos still out of the light:



Apparently a new Euro Pane Bakery & Cafe will soon be opening in the Paseo Colorado shopping district!


People have told me “it’s on the internet”, “customers are talking about it”, “it’s all on Twitter & FaceBook!”, etc.

No doubt it would certainly be a real coup if the new and “very posh” Montana Residences were able to lure French pastry chef/owner Sumi Chang to finally open up another Euro Pane! Plus, it should bring more shoppers across to that section of Colorado Boulevard.

Fine. It’s probably gonna happen. And, Yes, the name went up in lights a couple of days ago, however,… may I temper everyone’s enthusiasm just to say that until the doors open for business – nothing has changed!  There is still only the original Euro Pane near Lake & Colorado, and no other.

Of course many of us wood love to have a new Euro Pane.  But, I’ll believe it only when I actually see it open for business.





For many of us it’s been a little unpretentious hangout for the Pasadena community, offering quality French pastries, great Jones Roasters coffee, tasty sandwiches, and just an intangible comfort vibe, etc, etc. All at relatively low prices for the excellent quality you receive.  Like many small business owners in this industry she has put in long days & early hours to establish Euro Pane as one place in Pasadena you should visit.  Yet, it may not please everyone and eateries shouldn’t have to.




At the moment, however, the cafe is empty, dark, and the doors are locked.  Hopefully that will change soon.





Ok, I Gotta catch some sleep. I’ve said enuf about this!  Let’s Just Wait & See…