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Shot in Farnsworth County Park, in the unincorporated portion of L.A.County called Altadena. Spring 2012


Paparazzi (journalists??) from the Mountain Views News & now deceased Pasadena Sun shooting the soon to be retired Public Information Officer (PIO) of Pasadena. An alternative title to this article could’ve been The Journalists’ Journalist.

Today she is the now retired PIO Emeritus of the city. And, working as much as ever!

Can anyone name all three of these local individuals?


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Chanel Hason for Wildlife Caretaker


I was gonna post something yesterday, on a different subject, until I saw someone in the morning, who I first met on the internet a couple years back – the modern 21st century techno way of meeting people. 

Chanel Hason is her name. Local gal who grew up in South Pasadena, but now lives it up in Pasadena!  She studied marine biology and environmental science in college. I’m gonna explain what Chanel (like the perfume!) is currently up to & ask you to please do something relatively small and easy to help her in that regard.  I’m nothing much, if not a supporter of local people I know & like doing stuff I like.




WHO: Chanel  is a local gal: South Pasadena native, Pasadena resident. Blogger. Part of her philosophy is to “do what makes you happy”, and what I’m explaining here flows from that.

She is passionate about animals, the environment, ecotourism, blogging, photography, videography, being in front of the camera, conducting research, meeting new people & exploring new places, Australia, and the marine life & oceanography. Plus I know her to be simply enthusiastic, energetic & sincere!  And having traveled to Queensland, Australia for a year-long student exchange program in college only reinforced her desire for this jobs contest.

WHAT:  Chanel is competing in “The Best Jobs in the World”, a global competition involving six of Australia’s State Tourism Organizations – each offering their own unique best job as a prize.  Six jobs are up for grabs.  These jobs are Chief Funster, Outback Adventurer, Park Ranger, Wildlife Caretaker, Lifestyle Photographer and Taste Master.

After thousands of entrants from around the world, Chanel has made it into the shortlist of 25 for the Animal Caretaker position in South Australia!  On May 15th three (3) finalists will be selected for each job, at which point they will each be invited to Australia for final testing and interviews. On June 21st, the winners will be announced.

The contest is part of an international marketing push which focuses upon promoting tourism to Australia & tourism opportunities provided by Australia’s Working Holiday Maker (WHM) program. How each candidate markets themselves in this competition is part of deciding who the winners will be. The 6  ‘Best Jobs in the World’ each come with a six month salary package worth A$100,000 – including living costs.

WHY: Besides being a wonderful & enthusiastic person who I happen to know, we should support a local girl in this international competition. She’s a fellow blogger.  Knowing her as I do, I know this job fits her perfectly!  I think of her as a mermaid on land & lover of the water.



Show your support by doing at least just one of the following:

Facebook:  Chanel for Wildlife Caretaker  LIKE her page,. leave a comment why she should win, and/or Share it.

Blog:  Photography + Science = Chanel  Follow and/or share her blog, leave a comment why she should win the job.

Twitter: @Chanel   Tweet and retweet    with hashtags #ChanelWC   #BestJobs  @Australia Why Australia should pick Chanel.

If you need another reason, you can do a little extra and she’ll enter you in her contest for one of her supporters to win a FREE trip to Australia.


I leave you with a Q & A interview of Chanel by one of her good friends, Rachel:

Q: What animal do you consider the biggest “badass” of the Australian animal kingdom?
A: Well since Australia is the home to the most deadly animals on the planet, there’s an endless number of them I could chat about. But, I’ll go with the Irukandji Jellyfish! This tiny (no larger than a cubic centimeter) and extremely venomous jellyfish floats around off the coast of out!  (The rest of the interview on the blog, Passionate People Going Positive Places)

Time is of the essence. It’s getting down to the next cut down to the final three. So please act today! Thank y’all much for supporting one of our local gals.



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Pasadena Greetings

Zeli’s Coffee Bar & “Bakery’


I think it’s about time I wrote about food again.  But first, Happy May Day or May Fools Day!

Now, one of my blogger buddies, renaissance woman Petrea, wrote about her experience at Zeli Coffee Bar, located at Vroman’s on Colorado boulevard, in her endless quest for the best coffeehouse in Pasadena a few years back.  Btw, if you find yourself around Zeli, drop-in to Vroman’s to check out her new book – Camelot and Vine – in the local authors section. 





I don’t recall when Zeli’s opened here but I believe the first time I visited was about a dozen years ago. In the intervening years I’ve visited a couple dozen times.  It’s mainly a coffeehouse with a few pastries and premade/prewrapped sandwiches.  Most of my scarce dollars have been placed on their coffee.




Notwithstanding the above, I’m here to talk about their plain & pain au chocolat croissants!  Despite 1st coming here many years ago it was only this year I tried their croissants. We have some of the best ones here at Pasadena’s Euro Pane Bakery & Cafe, so it’s only natural to compare others with those.

In my opinion, a very good fresh croissant, out of the oven or reheated the same day, should be light, feel almost as light, flaky, buttery, a soft crunchy shell on the outside & buttery soft flaky layers and a touch moist inside, and of course, taste fresh. And with the chocolate variety, the chocolate should taste rich, real, and not be solid.  On its best days the croissants from Euro Pane are all the above.  They sell them for only $2.35 & $2.75, respectively.

But this is about Zeli croissants. Actually, Zeli is not a bakery so they’re selling them for whoever does bake them.  Zeli sells their plain for $3 & the chocolate is $3.50.



Above is a Pain au Chocolat, or as unsophisticated dogs like me simply call it – chocolate croissant. It certainly looks handsome and nice as probably any croissant. From the outside.

This didn’t taste as if it were baked the same day. Despite asking for it to be reheated. It was heavy, thick, bready, and the chocolate was still solid, even with the reheating. The taste wasn’t bad but it wasn’t distinctive either –  this was closer to the prepackaged taste you can get at the store.



IMG_4377This is your basic plain croissant. Again, its a good looking croissant.  Much of our supermarket produce also looks perfect…until you take a bite.

The plain tasted fresher than the chocolate, still, I’ll assume it was baked that morning. And despite asking it to be  reheated it was still heavy, thick, & bready. Again, it wasn’t bad but the taste wasn’t the freshly made that day taste in contrast to the taste of the prepackaged supermarket variety baked whenever.  

I think you know what a croissant looks like from the photos.  To get technical, or you have bad eyesight, you could describe it as a yeast leavened bread/dough roll, buttery, typically crescent-moon shaped.  I’m not sure where the first croissant originated, but today it is considered a French pastry.

Back to Zeli.  Like I said, it’s a coffeehouse – not a bakery. However, if I were Zeli it would make all the sense in the Pasadena world to get their croissants from one of the best bakeries around right here in town – Euro Pane. Or, as that great foodie book, EAT L.A., says is, “the best bakery in the San Gabriel Valley.”  In fact, Zeli is located right between the two Euro Pane’s on Colorado Blvd!  Pray that Zeli inquires about selling their croissants and anything else.

Ok, so croissants may not be a reason to visit Zeli. But it does have other redeeming qualities: interesting music (for those who don’t mind tunes in the background), conveniently between a bookstore & a theater, the frozen hot chocolate drink, TV,  the barista’s are friendly enough, it’s cozy, Free W!F!,  Italian sodas, and carrot cake.

I think it was about time I wrote about Zeli, especially since I first visited many years ago. If you’ve ever been to Zeli, or ever visit, lemme know your opinion! 


Zeli Coffee Bar @ 695 E. Colorado Blvd.

Pasadena CA 91101


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