SOLVED!: What’s Wrong with this Picture?

I intended to post the answer to my question by last Tuesday.  Unfortunately, the unexpected death of a wonderful person I know last weekend short-circuited the writing portion of my brain for a few days.  I may later write about her, here,  in a separate article. But for now, back to the daily grind…


Ok, lettuce solve the question I presented here at What’s Wrong with this Picture?  The problem was contained in a Doonesbury comic strip below.  The only hint was that those with a current San Gabriel Valley or Pasadena, California background would find it easier to spot the problem or “solution”.



As I expected, I stumped everyone. Frankly, with this problem I’m not surprised: the subject covered journalism and specifically referred to a reporter spelled in the strip as “Geraldo.” 

Without further delay here is the problem with the above comic: the reporters name is misspelled as “Geraldo”. And, frankly, this comic probably pronounces it as “Heraldo” which is probably an improvement on the “correct” Geraldo.  That’s common & I don’t mind that.  It’s not a very common name.  Some may even find it difficult to pronounce it on the first try.

However, anyone who reads the newspaper in the San Gabriel Valley/Pasadena area would know the the correct spelling is ‘GIRARDOT.”   I’m not a name dropper, but as in Frank (or, Francis) GIRARDOT, the author/renaissance man/writer/crime fighting editor/reporter, and someone whose writings are followed by anyone from cops to politicians to even a Rockefeller, at our Pasadena Star News newspaper!  He’s been at this since at least last century so he must know what he’s doing.

My friends I don’t always have time to read a newspaper, but when I do, it’s Frank Girardot’s Pasadena Star News. And now you know, the rest of the story. Just some of Cafe Pasadena’s Believe It or Not!


Gotta Get Going. Stay Thirsty My Friends



What’s Wrong with this Picture?



There was this comic in the news today from Doonesbury, a long-running and very popular comic strip.  Created by Garry Trudeau decades ago in the last century. The subject matter is often political and basically takes a liberal or left of center viewpoint on issues.  Yet, despite the comic maybe not always taking a fair & balanced approach I regularly read it and probably some of my readers do too.

I don’t want or plan to make this blog about politics, liberals, or cats, as I’m not a big fan of either.  I’m a balanced, wise, reasonable, centrist K9 who’s political philosophy is to Question Authority!  But sometimes you can’t avoid them – especially when they make you laugh!  So, you can read much more about the comic strip online and direct from the horses mouth here at Doonesbury.


Now back to the current issue of the day at hand:



Take a good look at this comic strip. What’s ‘wrong” with it? Hint: Those with a current Pasadena, California or San Gabriel Valley background will find it easier to spot the problem! 

The big reveal will be Tuesday or Monday. This will probably stump everyone but give it your best wild guess! 🙂


Gotta Read The Newspaper. Stay Thirsty My Friends!

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