Royal Court Tryouts

I’ve written here before how difficult it is for me to blog. First, I’m not a writer, despite what some friends say. And simply deciding on the subject for the next article may be the biggest challenge.  Same problem with this blog post until my memory came back to life.

Labor Day represents, symbolically, the end of summer so the Tournament of Roses (PTOR) season can begin.  Last week we just had the naming of the 2014 Grand Marshall – Vin Scully, L.A. Dodger Hall of Fame announcer, finally accepted!!  And this weekend begins the process leading up to the selection of the new Rose Queen & Royal Court.



Since 1890, the PTOR has helped the world welcome the New Year. The Rose Parade’s magnificent floral floats and the exciting football action of the Rose Bowl Game have become holiday traditions for millions of people around the world. Reigning over these festivities is the Royal Court. The 1st Rose Queen was crowned in 1905, and every year since 1929, Rose Queens and Rose Princesses have been part of PTOR tradition. > PTOR


But back to today where I’m here simply to help get the word out to those interested in possibly being the next Rose Queen or a Rose Princess, but haven’t heard at their school, or worse, don’t plan to apply!  For instance, I was just talking to a beautiful friend, a Pasadena High Schooler: “You’re going to tryouts, aren’t you?”  She made a face then said: “I don’t know.” Well, I basically reiterated, haha, “You better. It’s part of growing up in Pasadena and you’re definitely Royal material” 🙂


As with attaining anything of value or importance, there are criteria or requirements, which themselves add value, that must be met to be considered to sit on the Royal Court. First and foremost, the potential royal must be a reader of this royal blog! (Oops!, skip that first requirement – that one is for achieving something else of value!)




You’ve met the above prerequisites, and are still interested in trying out? Ok, next step is to complete an official application, of course,  before you come for an interview.  Link to: APPLICATION.  With the application completed and in hand, come for an interview on either September 14th or 16th.

You may have questions or want more information. Here’s some: Royal Court Tryouts.

Whether you are chosen for the Royal Court or not, there are benefits simply for coming out: learning about the PTOR history and meeting new people are just a couple. But probably past candidates will tell you receiving 2 tickets for the Royal Ball, a semi-formal dance, is the best!

Any reader ever applied to be on a past Royal Court, or know someone who did?


Gotta eAT! Stay Thirsty My Friends

Pasadena Greetings


6 responses to “Royal Court Tryouts

  1. I grew up in Pasadena, so naturally I wanted to try out. Well, I did, and I made it to quarter finals, which I was shocked and ecstatic about!!! Then the next round, the semi finals! Well I walked out feeling that I didn’t answer the questions to the best of my ability and felt quite discouraged. Sure enough the email was delivered, and I made it to the finals! The finals went well. Tomorrow in front of family, friends and the media, the 30 lucky finalist will find out the results! I’m excited!!! I’m hoping I make it on the court!

    • I love to meet people who grew up, or were born, in Pasadena, and still are living here!! At last years Royal Court announcement I predicted that Vanessa Manjarrez from Mayfield should be named the Rose Queen – and she was! And, Sarah, just from your comment here my intuition is telling me you’ll be named to this years Royal Ct! Good luck! 🙂