Old+New: Designing New Buildings in Historic Settings


Interested in local history, or the sense of place of where you live?  Into architecture?  Balancing new construction with the old & historic? 

Well, have I, ahem, the invaluable Pasadena Heritage, got a deal for you!  If you come get your fill of al the above and more Thursday – 9/19/13 at the Pasadena Central Library –  you can have it for FREE!  But, you’re right – there’s a catch: seating is limited. Sorry. You know: FCFS (First Come, First Served). 


The central figure at this event, Old + New: designing New Buildings in Historic Settings, is author & professor of architecture Steven W. Semes.  Among other things he’s known for the book, The Future of the Past: A Conservation Ethic for Architecture, Urbanism, & Historic Preservation.

Need more information? Ok, here’s the small print:



Info Link: Old + New: Designing New Buildings in Historic Settings

Main event begins at 7pm, but get there early since, I remind you, seats are limited.


So, what say y’all? Are you interested enuf to wanna come out Thursday evening to think about the old & new as they play out on the streets of where you live!

I’m not exactly one of Pasadena Heritage’ active & involved members (despite requests to be otherwise!), but as a staff member once said, “He helps us get our word out.”


Gotta Get The Word Out. Stay Thirsty My Friends!



4 responses to “Old+New: Designing New Buildings in Historic Settings

    • I think you wood love our annual Craftsman Weekend, Cam, during the weekend of Oct 18-20th. It’s not free, but if you’re free 1 of those days you should try to attend – it’s a bargain!

  1. I would have gone. It’s a subject that’s fascinated me since I saw it done wrong on our street when I was little. I still have nightmares about what might have become of that block.