SOLVED!: What’s Wrong with this Picture?

I intended to post the answer to my question by last Tuesday.  Unfortunately, the unexpected death of a wonderful person I know last weekend short-circuited the writing portion of my brain for a few days.  I may later write about her, here,  in a separate article. But for now, back to the daily grind…


Ok, lettuce solve the question I presented here at What’s Wrong with this Picture?  The problem was contained in a Doonesbury comic strip below.  The only hint was that those with a current San Gabriel Valley or Pasadena, California background would find it easier to spot the problem or “solution”.



As I expected, I stumped everyone. Frankly, with this problem I’m not surprised: the subject covered journalism and specifically referred to a reporter spelled in the strip as “Geraldo.” 

Without further delay here is the problem with the above comic: the reporters name is misspelled as “Geraldo”. And, frankly, this comic probably pronounces it as “Heraldo” which is probably an improvement on the “correct” Geraldo.  That’s common & I don’t mind that.  It’s not a very common name.  Some may even find it difficult to pronounce it on the first try.

However, anyone who reads the newspaper in the San Gabriel Valley/Pasadena area would know the the correct spelling is ‘GIRARDOT.”   I’m not a name dropper, but as in Frank (or, Francis) GIRARDOT, the author/renaissance man/writer/crime fighting editor/reporter, and someone whose writings are followed by anyone from cops to politicians to even a Rockefeller, at our Pasadena Star News newspaper!  He’s been at this since at least last century so he must know what he’s doing.

My friends I don’t always have time to read a newspaper, but when I do, it’s Frank Girardot’s Pasadena Star News. And now you know, the rest of the story. Just some of Cafe Pasadena’s Believe It or Not!


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Covering the Artist: Tony Gleeson

I told y’all about poet Lester Graves Lennon appearance at the original Euro Pane Bakery Cafe last Sunday.  Thank y’all who came out to pack the cafe to hear readings from his new book of poetry – My Father was a Poet – or to taste Lester’s Coconut Cake.

I know this is late, per the norm, but you know I’m lazy, and besides, I’m not a writer: This weekend I’m hear to tell y’all about another local artistic person I happen to know, personally only recently, but since 1989 via his cover arts for the Pasadena Weekly (PW)…


Tony Gleeson


If you read the current issue of PW you probably noticed the cover story is by/about my subject.  I’m just appending a reminder here of that story to CP and PW readers and recommending y’all come out to meet the artist TONITE (starts 7:30pm) at his opening reception at my favorite little bookshop, Pasadena’s Century Books on Green Street.  And, following through on my bark to Tony to write up his art opening on this ye olde blog.

A relatively small portion of Tony’s PW original cover art will be on display because of limited space and he has dozens & dozens of covers accumulated since he began doing the PW cover art last century.  However, basically whatever he’s done, on display or not, and mostly originals, will be available for purchase. I’ve seen the prices and unless you’re still one of Obama’s unemployed, they’re very affordable. Also, if you want a smaller or larger size than the standard PW page size that can probably be arranged. 

Need more reason to check his art tonite?  Check out much more of his work beyond the PW here at his website, Tony Gleeson.   Also, you can expect some Jazz music, Wine, Cheeze, oh, and Books!  This kinda thing is particularly for:

  • Fanatics/Friends/Followers/Family of the artist still known as Tony Gleeson
  • Fanatics/Friends/Followers/Family of Century Bookshop
  • Fanatics/Friends/Followers/Family/Staff of the Pasadena Weekly (or at least their cover art!)
  • Fanatics/Friends/Followers of Art, Books, Food, or Music
  • Fanatics/Friends/Followers/Family/Staff/Supporters of Cafe Pasadena Weekly!
  • Fanatics/Friends/Followers/Supporters of Pasadena or Art History
  • Fanatics/Friends/Followers/Supporters of Small or Independent Businesses
  • Or, maybe you’ve had a Favorite T.Gleeson PW cover you always wished you could purchase/own

But I, uh, I don’t fit in any of those groups!”, you scream.  OMG, if you live in Pasadena then it sounds something is missing!  My fix is start filling it immediately: tonite at Century Books, and, by following & reading this Cafe Pasadena blog from this day forward – the one New Years resolution everyone should make and keep! 


Century Bookshop, located in a historic landmark building (1039 E. Green St, Pasadena) & run by artists & bibliophile’s, is just around the corner from Euro Pane Cafe. It’s literally only a 1-2 minute walk from Colorado Blvd down to Green St.  In other words, if you made it to Euro Pane last Sunday, you can just as easily make it to Century this Saturday!


Here’s The Artist on the cover of the, ahem, Cafe Pasadena Weekly, giving y’all a personal invitation!



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Pasadena Greetings

Community Building @ the PSN Office

Community involvement & awareness.  Newspapers & radio stations such as our local Pasadena Star News (PSN) or Pasadena City College’ KPCC radio station are expected to be involved & aware.  And wouldn’t you know it, the PSN wants to do more community building!

Their new Pasadena Star News Lounge, or as I’ll call it – the Star Lounge – is their latest initiative toward that goal. When I first heard about it 4 months ago from the editor – author Francis Girardot –  I had trouble grasping what I just heard!  “What??”  It sounded good, but was that what I really heard or even what he really meant to say??  I asked him to clarify: Yep, that’s what he said, what I heard, and what he meant!

Ok, good.  Yet, seeing it is even better.  One month, then a second flew by, and I wasn’t noticing any transformation at PSN world headquarters.  If this lounge were ever coming to pass it looked to be later not sooner.

Then late one weekend night about 2 mths ago I noticed destructive activity at the PSN building.  I even sent editor Girardot a photo of what was going down at his offices while he was away.  It must’ve left him speechless cuz his only reply was, “WoW!”  My initial response was: 1st Obama was going after the guns/arms and now he was going after the press?! Talk about Big Government disarming We The People!

Then early one weekday at Euro Pane Cafe a PSN writer, and EPC regular, gave me an update: “it’s about done except for…you should go check it out.”  Well, I’ve been checking it out, using it, for about 3 weeks now.



Last week I was “lounging” at the PSN when another writer asks, “You’re coming to the lounge grand opening, aren’t you?”  I didn’t know what she meant despite the paper announcing they would have it.  Still, I wasn’t intending to attend until she also said, “There’s going to be wine & cheeze.”   Ahem, “but, I’ll try to drop by if my schedule permits”, I told her.


The clock struck 30 minutes before the end of the PSN lounge grand opening. Maybe I should go check it out, afterall I’m feeling a bit thirsty and wine may be the remedy. I’m anything but a social butterfly, however if someone I happen to know is doing something positive I’ll try to show my support.  Otherwise, I’d much rather concentrate on studying food in a cafe or researching some local history. 

Upon entering the PSN building I’m met with a mass of people: It’s occupy the Star Lounge. The only people I know at first are PSN Editor Girardot & his writers.  I also recognize public editor Larry Wilson, and, if I have my events straight, recovering politician (his term) the wonderful Anthony Portantino.

Oh, and Pasadena Police Chief Sanchez. OMG, what’s he doing here??  😉  He brought along a deputy chief so maybe he felt the need for a body guard while at the PSN.  Haha, I’m glad I came afterall! 

But, focus…where’s the FOOD & DRINK??  I see NOTHING.  A sudden bout of depression visits me, and my stomach. Oh man, that’s what I get for coming close to closing time.  Well then, I’ll just check a few blogs on their new computers, then chat with the Chief, then depart.




After surfing the WWW, I notice the Chief is still in conversation with a couple of people.  Ok, I’m heading out the door.  But I’m met by a woman with a skewer & drink!: “Where’d you’d get that?!”  I follow her path and, Eureka!, I have found it!! 


I start with water, no Merlot so I skip the wine, take Sake, then restart with coffee.



Raw fruit & veggies for this tough newspaper crowd.



Hummus, Tabouli, sandwiches, etc. I start eating, and, eating.



After I fill up a plate, the PSN’s ex- DooDah Queen writer and I talk.  I’ve just told her, “I only know you PSN writers & Police Chief Sanchez”, when I look up and see an LA native/oldtimer – now Pasadenan – who I first met at the LA Times . Nowadays I only see him when he’s in the company of some delicious looking food.  Next, I see a candidate from the recent Pasadena elections. We chat between bites.


I’ve had these before but can’t recall their technical name. Nevertheless, I remembered how to eat them.



Between bites I took a look for Chief Sanchez.  Still talking – now with PSN editor Girardot!  It’s probably just 5 minutes of niceties between friends, then I’ll have my turn. Five minutes came & went and the Chief & the Editor are still going at it. Looks like they’ve turned this party into a serious conversation.  Can’t imagine what they were discussing but it couldn’t have been more important than my subject: asking the Chief what he’s discovered about good eating in Pasadena since coming here!  Next time.  I rather use my mouth to eat anyway.


Skipped these but I think they were like fried falafel chips.



Despite trouble getting face time with Chief Sanchez, at least I haven’t fallen into conversation rather than doing the right thing: Eating.  In previous events (as recently as 2 weeks ago) I’ve fallen into the trap of using my mouth more for talking than eating. (In that regard, old-timers may recall the error I made at the So. Pasadena Tournament of Roses party written up here)   This day I stayed focused on the task at hand: going back for 2nds and 3rds.  Which reminds me…


More fruit and other sweets!, please.


The catering was done by Japon Bistro, and I believe either Burger Continental or Pita Pita.  If I missed anything for coming late, I was glad with what I got. 


It wasn’t entirely eating & drinking for me. I did meet some new people, like a trio visiting from the corporate/parent company of the PSN. Two of the three were very friendly and interested in what I thought.


BEFORE: The “destructive activity” I mentioned earlier seeing “one late weekend night.”

IMG_3070a .


AFTER:  Entering PSN building the 1st thing you may notice in the Star Lounge is the new PSN flag announcing where you’re at.



On the opposite side of the lounge you’ll notice a community table and behind that a large flat-screen TV with the latest breaking news. But I need to shorten this article – you’ll have check into the lounge yourself.


So, all this destruction, reconstruction, and drinking & eating was to announce the new PSN Star Lounge and their interest in how they can better serve you, the community, as they go about exercising their journalistic 1st amendment rights.  

Here’s a sample of what that community table & community building can look like:  Here is PSN writer & Senior Moments columnist Patricia Bunin & her readers at a Pre-grand opening event for the 4th anniversary of her column  Truly, truly, lemme tell y’all:  photographs don’t do justice to how beautiful Bunin is in person, inside & out. (Btw, the coffee & sweets were good too!)  😉


In addition to book events with PSN writers, as I said the PSN wants your feedback on how they can better serve their readers. Therefore please fill out this short & easy online PSN Survey.  The paper wants to know things as, How would you like to interact with the newspaper?,  Would attending workshops or editorial meetings, be of interest to most, etc.  So, if you want the newsmedia to hear you out then here’s a chance to give a shout!


Oh, and my talk with the police chief? After another bite I looked again for him.  He was finally free, but, literally half way out the door!  “Chief, Chief!”  A quick “Hi”, shake of the hands with him and his deputy chief, and that was it.  Oh well, at least I got to lounge with the community while getting a good taste of the main event.

Geez, I wonder if the newspaper is gonna have this great lounge food & drink everyday? Just some community feedback.  😉



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