McKinley School Mural Restoration

It’s been a “few weeks” since I last wrote from the Café Pasadena.  So you can surmise I have something important or good to say.  You’re correct! Here’s a short piece…

Pasadena, California is known chiefly for being America’s annual welcome to the New Year with its Tournament of Roses parade and Rose Bowl game. But look a little closer and you’ll discover more to admire.

For example, Art.  Did you know that in 2015 Sunset Magazine named our town as the Best Town for the Arts in the western USA!   Continue this short read here for just one example why we’re considered a major  “artsy” kinda place:   McKinely School Mural Restoration




1942 Mural in the McKinley Library


Support the mural restoration!


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A Pasadena Art Weekend


Time for my occasional  recommendation of things to do in Pasadena.   Usually they are FREE, but quality, as they are for this weekend of October 11-13th.

We have Pasadena Art Weekend featuring Muse/Ique.  A brief description of each will follow with links for more detailed information.

Pasadena Art Weekend is the big twice a year city sponsored art, music, and food event, and the major thing to do this weekend. Each day will have a different emphasis. The weekend opens this Friday night at 6pm with ArtNight offering free admission to most Pasadena cultural venues.  18 cultural institutions will offer something for everyone. Food is the big draw Saturday at the Art of Food, with the ArtWalk offering an art fair and music. The artsy weekend closes Sunday afternoon with music from ArtRhythm at the Paseo Colorado.    Pasadena Art Weekend

Although I can recommend virtually any event of ArtNight, if you could attend only one I’d tell you hear Muse/Ique, led by the wonderful music goddess Rachael Worby, at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium plaza.  I’ve been to a few of Muse/Ique’s concerts, and if time and money were no factor I’d attend every one of their unique musical concerts!  But this one is FREE, so we’re without excuse if we miss it.  Muse/Ique

Also on Friday night, visit the Armory Center for the Arts but don’t leave without checking out the bluesy sounds from Buddy Zapata’s Junkshop Republic, with art installed by Kat Roberts.  Plus, you should know more about the Crown City of Pasadena than it loves roses & has some old buildings by checking out the Pasadena Museum of History. Their current exhibit features wedding gowns & personal wedding stories.

Saturday is ArtWalk. An art fair with some music & food thrown in for good taste. Among the artists displaying their talents will be Pasadenan, Alicia Gorecki.  Perhaps you’ve seen a taste of her work at Euro Pane Bakery Cafe. Check more of her out at ArtWalk.


There you have a couple of FREE neat things to do which will fill most of this weekend!


Gotta Eat! Stay Thirsty My Friends.

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