Making Los Angeles History in San Marino


While attending an event in San Marino the other night I was reminded about something which I had all but forgotten.

This will most interest y’all who live in the Pasadena area and recognize the importance of learning local history.  In this case local means Los Angeles. 

A six session course over six weeks on some Los Angeles history will be given at San Marino’s Crowell Public Library beginning Thursday, September 26th. It’s not free, but for most it’s a bargain at $60. The technical name of the course is:


Health, Wealth, and Intellect: John Randolph Haynes, USC, and the Making of Los Angeles, 1880-1932


I’m not going to repeat the details when I can just point you to a link!  Ready for the link? Are you sure you’re ready? Alright, ok, here it comes:  USC Emeriti Center College.

Besides the subject matter, I can also recommend this because I’m acquainted with the teacher –  Tom Tomlinson, PhD –  having taken a couple of courses on L.A. history from him in the past.  The professor happens to be a local resident. He’s now supposedly retired from USC but that hasn’t stopped him from teaching. In the past, you’d have to go on the freeway to USC to attend his lectures but now, as a retiree he comes to you! Lucky.

The last time I took a course from him, since I had attended a prior class of his, he warned me to keep quiet as he asked the rest of the class questions!  My point really is that he has a sense of humor, enjoys teaching his subject, and you can sense it.  He’s one of those small group of  teachers who knows how to teach!

Now, I was thinking it’s kind of late to post this, but late is kind of my M.O. unfortunately!  Then, this morning I happened to see another USC history professor, and Pasadenan, who also works with the Huntington Library.  We chatted and it struck me as another hint that I should go ahead and post this information, late or not.

As it turns out, while you should pre-register by following the information on the link above, you may be able to register on the 26th at the San Marino library if room is still available!

So, if your schedule permits you to be free on Thursday mornings, take advantage of this beginning this Thursday.


Update: I happened to see/chat with Professor Tomlinson in Pasadena, after the1st San Marino class, and I discussed with him the possibility of him giving one of his history talks in Pasadena. So we’ll see what I can do.

USC Emeriti Center College


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