McKinley School Mural Restoration

It’s been a “few weeks” since I last wrote from the Café Pasadena.  So you can surmise I have something important or good to say.  You’re correct! Here’s a short piece…

Pasadena, California is known chiefly for being America’s annual welcome to the New Year with its Tournament of Roses parade and Rose Bowl game. But look a little closer and you’ll discover more to admire.

For example, Art.  Did you know that in 2015 Sunset Magazine named our town as the Best Town for the Arts in the western USA!   Continue this short read here for just one example why we’re considered a major  “artsy” kinda place:   McKinely School Mural Restoration




1942 Mural in the McKinley Library


Support the mural restoration!


Gotta Do Stuff! Stay Thirsty My Friends

Red rose

A Tribute To Our Own Fairy Tale

The current exhibition at one of my favorite art galleries – Flower Pepper Gallery in Pasadena – is one which captured my attention.  It’s called:


A Tribute To Our Own Fairy Tale

A Tribute To Our Own Fairy Tale features a small body of work from 9 artists, ranging from the surreal landscapes of David Natale and Leila Ataya to the dreamlike narratives and haunting portraits of N.S. David and Joanne Nam. Each artist’s contribution to “A Tribute To Our Own Fairy Tale” has an inferred storybook quality that engages and enchants the viewer.


Perhaps it may capture yours too, especially if you’re into art or an art collector. But you have to pop into Flower Pepper by the exhibit closing date of Friday October 4th.


Our Own Fairy Tale front


Have any of y’all visited Flower Pepper Gallery?  Friendly people. New exhibitions open about every other month.

Flower Pepper

121 E. Union St., Pasadena CA 91103 (626)795-1895


Gotta eAT! Stay Thirsty My Friends

Our Own Fairy Tale front