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Welcome Home, Welcome Back!

In this post from the recent past I briefly mentioned the FREE music offerings in our rosy city: Music, Music, Music! On that path, this Sunday the 5th you can hear one of my favorite singers at the Vroman’s Bookstore Stage from 5-7pm.  Part of the annual Jazz Summer Concert Series.

Jamila Ford. A true professional musician, singer/songwriter.  For a price that’s hard to beat.  She’s a beautiful person holding a sultry, expressive, beautiful voice to match.

Drawing influences from Ella Fitzgerald to Stevie Wonder to Fiona Apple, she can give you a history of 50 years of American popular music during one of her sets, with her sultry voice providing the linchpin,”  is one way she’s been described in her website.



You can catch her just back home touring at Jazz Fests in Europe and Canada.  Maybe you heard her in Europe? Or maybe you haven’t heard her at all, outside of my limited description here.   For those of you in the latter I have this taste of Jamila’s talent:

Jamila Download Sample

And if that whets your appetite to know more, she does have a website:  Jamila Ford

Ford is not a first-timer to Pasadena.  She has played in Pasadena several times before.  I’ve personally heard her singing with my own two ears, met, and spoken with her.  Real and authentic are words that come to mind.


Montreaux Switzerland Per JamilaFord Jamila’s photo while on a day-off last month: Salsa playing band in a park in Montreux, Switzerland


But I can’t really convince you about an artist with words alone. So I hope you’ll come listen to Jamila Ford, fresh back home from Europe, with your own ears – then give me your own opinion here.


Gotta Get Ready to Listen!  Stay Thirsty My Friends

Pasadena Greetings

Mystery History




 Pasadena has it’s share of relatively old architecture. Some actually have a history behind them. A few even listed on “historical registers”, local and/or national. I think this is easier than my previous mystery histories.


Where are we? And what’s happening?  At least the street name and one item of historical significance attached to the above.

The first person to guess correctly will win a fabulous prize!

I’ll have the full scoop on Thursday.



Gotta Get Working!! Stay Thirsty My Friends