Beginning this Friday is the start of one of the big weekends in Pasadena.


Craftsman Weekend!


Presented annually by Pasadena Heritage (PH), one of the oldest, largest, and very best preservation groups in the world.   Without PH, many of the historic homes, architecture, landmarks, and neighborhoods would no longer exist in Pasadena!  Just two examples: without PH there probably wouldn’t be any OLD left in Old Town Pasadena nor would the Colorado Street Bridge still be standing!




Craftsman Weekend is the biggest event PH puts on, with bus, drive to, & walking tours of Craftsman era homes. Plus, special receptions at historic sites, lectures, workshops, and related exhibitors show their stuff at the Pasadena Convention Center.

If you live in Pasadena, or care about architectural or history, I recommend you attend – especially if you’ve never done so! 

Limited time this weekend?  Then of all the events in Craftsman Weekend I would suggest the Craftsman House Tour on Sunday.  Or, the Myron Hunt home tour & reception.  The only downside with the Hunt is it’s the most expensive event of the CW.  But you can participate in a CW event for as little as $10 if you’re a member/$15 if not.

Today I was breaking Pizza with a couple of Pizza lovebirds from Altadena. They love Craftsman architecture, yet were unaware of this Craftsman Weekend event!  I gave them a brochure, which sparked their interest and now they’re planning to go.  But I told them, “it starts in a couple of days – Don’t Wait!”   I’m telling my loyal readers also: “Don’t wait!”  For instance, tickets for the South Grand Avenue neighborhood tour are already sold out.


Here are links for more details, ticket info:

Craftsman Weekend 2014

You can purchase tickets at the Pasadena Heritage office or Online:

Purchase Tickets



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  1. And I’ll be in the expo at the Pasadena convention center … With 30 some paintings suitable for vintage homes. Look for me on the right wall as you enter the expo. Hope you can stop by!!