Yesterday & Today: A Pasadena Christmas.


Merry Christmas my friends! I hope y’all have/will receive(d) the free gift of, and know the true reason for, the Christmas season: to commemorate & celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  Don’t be misled to think it’s another reason to shop until you drop, or go into debt, or reason to eat/drink, as much as we all love that. But it is a national holiday, and if you hate the materiality of holidays, as y’all celebrate and gather together, remember the real reason for our celebration.


Colorado Boulevard


A 1960-ish Pasadena Christmas. 


(I seem to recall the original source of the above was the Pasadena Star-News)


A December 25th 2012 Pasadena Christmas



A December 25th 2013 Pasadena Christmas




These photos were taken on the part of Colorado Boulevard located in the Pasadena Playhouse District just west of Lake Avenue.  Colorado boulevard is also known as the famous main drag for our Tournament of Roses Parade to welcome the New Year.  

Observations?  Besides the fact these were taken at different times of the day, just one is how obviously the Christmas spirit on the street appears to have suffered significantly in the past half-century.  The city seems less willing to show its Christmas spirit on its street as displayed by its ornaments.  One could also be led to believe that the use of mass transit in Pasadena (buses, train/rail) and bicycles has had a demonstrated effect on traffic! 


What are your observations – particularly if you were around when Target was called Robinson’s?


Gotta Be Productive!  Stay Thirsty My Friends & Merry Christmas

Univ of Colorado Blvd


4 responses to “Yesterday & Today: A Pasadena Christmas.

  1. I remember that Bullocks was the place for the more fashionable and monied, but Robinsons was high end too. Then there was the Broadway followed by May Company. Sears, Montgomery Wards and JC Pennys were at the low end (comparable to Target now). Sears and JC Pennies are the survivors…and Sears is in the same place it was before you were born.

    • Bullocks SLake for the fashionable & monied? Haha, well, I knew someone who worked there for many years, and, I of all people shopped there a few times!
      Thanks for the dept store history: you probably know there is a Fbk group for people like you.
      PS: What, no White Front in the Crown City??! 😛