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I’m not much of a volunteer member, certainly not a docent, of Pasadena Heritage (or any organization!), but in my small way I help spread the world out to the community. It’s time to remind y’all it’s that time of the year again…

The 22nd annual CRAFTSMAN WEEKEND from Pasadena Heritage!


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For 1st timers I hear you: “Pasadena Heritage?”,… “Craftsman Weekend???

Pasadena Heritage is, “a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of Pasadena’s architectural & cultural resources. Pasadena Heritage is one of the oldest historic preservation groups in Southern California and the second largest in California. Its three goals, Awareness, Assistance and Action, have been dubbed the three A’s of preservation and have been adopted by many other groups over the years.The mission of Pasadena Heritage is to identify, preserve and protect the historic, architectural, and cultural resources of the City of Pasadena through advocacy, education, and oral histories.  Without Pasadena Heritage many historic homes, landmarks (such as the Colorado Street Bridge) and neighborhoods would no longer exist.”

The annual Craftsman Weekend (Oct. 18-20) is “a tribute to Pasadena’s unique contributions to the American Arts & Crafts Movement. Craftsman Weekend is the largest & most comprehensive celebration of the Craftsman Movement in the western USA. The Craftsman Weekend’s offerings include a tour of significant Craftsman-era houses, a variety of bus & walking tours, evening receptions at historic sites, and exposition show & sale, presentations, & workshops.”

Although this is the 22nd annual CW, each year it’s mostly comprised of new tours, presentations, and historic architecture. For example, an excursion to the historic California Club in Los Angeles is a new tour, and unfortunately, sold out!  So, if you’ve attended before, there’s reasons to come again!  While most events of CW are still available, don’t wait if you plan to attend.

Here’s where you can find all that’s going on with the Craftsman Weekend,

and, here: Download the pdf Craftsman Weekend brochure w/ticket order form at this LINK to Brochure!

I think from this short blog story on PH & the annual Craftsman Weekend you can get a feel of its positive vibes & importance. Those readers it should interest in particular are the following, imho:

  • Pasadena workers & past/present residents
  • Architecture buffs
  • History buffs
  • Preservationists
  • Those looking for something to do this weekend
  • Everyone else reading this!


Ok,you wanna go this weekend, but what do you have to do?

1st, I would Download the pdf Craftsman Weekend brochure at the link above. (You may be able to find a brochure around town, for example I left a few at the Pasadena Star News, or at the Pasadena Museum of History)  It will give you a list of the various workshops/tours/lectures you can register for. (Become a PH member, if you’re not, to receive a discount)

Then, once you know what you want to sign up for, place your order by either calling PH at (626) 441-6333, OR, online via the PH Craftsman Weekend page.  You can then print your ticket(s) after you place your order.

If I’ve failed in answering all your questions above, please call Pasadena Heritage at (626)441-6333 for more answers. But, time is short, I repeat, don’t wait!


PS: Spread the word to friends who may be interested


Gotta Go! Stay Thirsty My Friends

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