The Photographers Photographer


Shot in Farnsworth County Park, in the unincorporated portion of L.A.County called Altadena. Spring 2012


Paparazzi (journalists??) from the Mountain Views News & now deceased Pasadena Sun shooting the soon to be retired Public Information Officer (PIO) of Pasadena. An alternative title to this article could’ve been The Journalists’ Journalist.

Today she is the now retired PIO Emeritus of the city. And, working as much as ever!

Can anyone name all three of these local individuals?


Gotta Shoot! Stay Thirsty My Friends



9 responses to “The Photographers Photographer

  1. I’ve got two out of three, too. I know the female subject and the fellow on the right, but I can’t see enough of the middle person to make a good guess, so that’s the hint I’d need.