Pasadena Weather Report


The main catalyst for the founding of Pasadena was weather:  it’s own here in Southern Cal, and the state of Indiana’s out in the mid-west or more correctly, mid-east.  The related health benefits were the big draw.

Dr. Thomas.Balch Elliott, the founder of the California Colony of Indiana (Indiana Colony), who would start the move to create out of Rancho lands what would become Pasadena in 1874 and later its incorporation in 1886, stated this as the prime reason for the colonists to leave their Indiana home.  In his History of the San Gabriel Orange Grove Association (the actual legal association which purchased the rancho land that would become Pasadena) he wrote:

In May 1873 a few warm blooded and adventurous persons who could not endure the frigid cold of northern winters gathered at Indianapolis, Indiana and formed a society for removal to some more agreeable climate. < T.B. Elliott



Specifically, Dr. Elliott’s wife was ill and the freezing winters of the “mid-west” were becoming unlivable for the ill and those past their youth.  It was time to search far & wide in the United States for the perfect or “more agreeable climate”.

Once Pasadena began to be settled, its “public relations people” (Board of Trade, writers, businesses, etc) would use words such as “paradise”, “prosperous” & “perfect” to describe Pasadena and its weather.  I wasn’t around then, so I’ll give them them the benefit of the doubt.  Yet today, Pasadena or anywhere else, as probably back 100 years ago, is far, far outside the gates of the Garden of Eden – despite what “outsiders” may be lead to believe on their colorful rosy televisions each New Years Day.


Gotta Keep Dry! Stay Thirsty My Friends

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6 responses to “Pasadena Weather Report

  1. That’s a very cool photo, Cafe. I actually think it feels more like paradise here on the rainy days, although I don’t think my dogs would agree.

  2. Compared to Indiana, for a warm-blooded soul, Pasadena is perfect. I guess. I’ve never actually been in Indiana. If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute, and if you wait long enough, it will at least fleetingly be perfect.

  3. I am patting myself on the back because I’ve finally grown a little more accustomed to the heat! Only took me two years:) I don’t think it ever gets as cold here as it does in the Bay area, so I’m all set there! And all my sweaters are in storage under my bed;)