Garage Art


There are book readers and bibliophile’s, and then there are serious Book Readers & Bibliophile’s.



Hollywood Hills > above Lake Hollywood Dam below Hollywood Sign


My bibliophile art.  Ok, not exactly mine.

There are book buyers, book readers, or book collectors, and then there are Book buyers/collectors and Readers.   Are you part of one of these groups?  What’s on your garage??

Separating the Dogs from the cats.


Gotta Study! Stay Thirsty My Friends



9 responses to “Garage Art

    • It strikes me odd that we have left our garages as blank slates, maybe to be used only by graffiti artists, but perhaps we need to use them to show our hidden artist!

  1. This could be my Grandma’s garage!!! She was a librarian in LA County…Canoga Park to be exact…for 52 years!!! When she passed away we had to clear out her garage….filled by shelves of books…just like this garage!!! I still have some of the books I took from there…you know…the ones with really pretty covers and gold leaf on the binders!!!