I’m sure this is the most common reaction from my feminine readers worldwide to the title of this article. It means simply:

Men Educating Men About Health

I’m not so sure, however, if all of my masculine readers around the world know the meaning of MEMAH.  This simply means the staff at the Cafe Pasadena better write something up so everyone around the new world order have an opportunity to be educated on an important health event here in Pasadena.

Get Informed – Get Screened – Get Active – Get Involved

MEMAH is an annual health event offering free, Free, health screenings for men AND women for, you guessed it…FREE!   It’s the perfect match for those who don’t like doctors offices or their waiting rooms, or rather use their dollars on something besides doctors, tests and other health care services.  The major draw are health screenings for the prostate (Men ages 40 – 70), diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, vision, and dental, for men and women alike!  

MEMAH also will include healthy living activities, health and lifestyle exhibitions, talks by health professionals, food demonstrations, music and much more!   The day will conclude with a special evening of celebration starting at 7:00 pm.

“”Free health care? There’s gotta be a catch!”

Well, I wish I could tell ya this great deal is the brainchild of Obamacare, but it’s not. Actually, it’s the result of something better: a host of sponsoring organizations & businesses.  PCC, Pasadena City, USC, National Cancer Institute, Alzheimer’s Association, Whole Foods, Pasadena Star News, American Diabetes Association, just to list a few.

Where??  Pasadena City College. June 8th, 830am-430pm. Building CC – Creveling Lounge


Memah dot org

Oh, and God forbid should I forget one man in particular. Jim Morris, the executive director. Or as I’ve called him for several years now, “BIG JIM.” He’s another BIG reason why I’m helping get out this last poetic word on this old blog.  If you’re a good man, or woman, doing good work in the Pasadena area – and I know you – then I’ll try to help you share the word.

Jim is a good man, with a positive attitude, who cares about the people in Pasadena, particularly their health and education.  Does he sound like one of those health nuts, ahem, health conscious individuals who is addicted to going in circles, I mean aerobically exercising around the Rose Bowl everyday?  Yeah, that’s one place you’ll find him.  🙂

Big Jim turned up last week at one of my Cafes.  He asked, “You’re coming Saturday, aren’t you?!”  I don’t recall what I said, but the next thing he said was, “We’re having a bunch of restaurants joining in this year!”  At which point I said something like, “Well, you know what, Jim, I’m always busy, and lazy, but I certainly don’t wanna miss a free prostate screening, or something else that looks good. I’ll make room in my Saturday schedule somehow to show up.”

You’ll have an opportunity for not only Free health exams, but FREE breakfast or lunch at one of the sponsoring restaurants!  Bristol Farms, Marston’s, Corner Bakery for instance.

You can click on this link “Get Healthy Pasadena 2013” for more info.  You should pre-register here at this link or risk being shutout. These health screening have been very popular, this reminder is late, so don’t wait!

Although this is chiefly aimed at getting men healthy, women are also welcomed, although I recommend women skip the prostate exam. In fact, even if you don’t plan to come Saturday, or have no interest in health, you surely know someone in our area who could benefit from these free screenings. Share this Good News with them, please!


Memah org1 


Gotta Get Healthy Pasadena! Stay Thirsty My Friends



4 responses to “MEMAH

  1. “When you look at what’s happening in health care, including the Affordable Care Act, there are holes that are left, and dental care is one of them. We’re trying to create a safety net for those individuals who don’t have one,” Pasadena Public Health Director Eric Walsh said.

  2. Some of Southern California’s leading physicians, hospital administrators and healthcare professionals presented more than 25 workshops that day, ranging from topics about women overcoming the odds and beating cancer; updates in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment; and holistic solutions to women’s health issues; to colon health; hormones and nutrition; and vitamin and supplement fads. Medical information, free health screenings, samples, and demos from local hospitals, healthcare organizations, beauty, and fitness companies were offered at the expo throughout the day.

  3. The all-day event will offer medical information and free health screenings, as well as samples, makeovers and demos from beauty, health and fitness companies.

  4. It’s a great initiative! Men often need a bit of coaxing to get even the basics checked out ~ if this helps create a path of less resistance, hooray.