Covering the Artist: Tony Gleeson

I told y’all about poet Lester Graves Lennon appearance at the original Euro Pane Bakery Cafe last Sunday.  Thank y’all who came out to pack the cafe to hear readings from his new book of poetry – My Father was a Poet – or to taste Lester’s Coconut Cake.

I know this is late, per the norm, but you know I’m lazy, and besides, I’m not a writer: This weekend I’m hear to tell y’all about another local artistic person I happen to know, personally only recently, but since 1989 via his cover arts for the Pasadena Weekly (PW)…


Tony Gleeson


If you read the current issue of PW you probably noticed the cover story is by/about my subject.  I’m just appending a reminder here of that story to CP and PW readers and recommending y’all come out to meet the artist TONITE (starts 7:30pm) at his opening reception at my favorite little bookshop, Pasadena’s Century Books on Green Street.  And, following through on my bark to Tony to write up his art opening on this ye olde blog.

A relatively small portion of Tony’s PW original cover art will be on display because of limited space and he has dozens & dozens of covers accumulated since he began doing the PW cover art last century.  However, basically whatever he’s done, on display or not, and mostly originals, will be available for purchase. I’ve seen the prices and unless you’re still one of Obama’s unemployed, they’re very affordable. Also, if you want a smaller or larger size than the standard PW page size that can probably be arranged. 

Need more reason to check his art tonite?  Check out much more of his work beyond the PW here at his website, Tony Gleeson.   Also, you can expect some Jazz music, Wine, Cheeze, oh, and Books!  This kinda thing is particularly for:

  • Fanatics/Friends/Followers/Family of the artist still known as Tony Gleeson
  • Fanatics/Friends/Followers/Family of Century Bookshop
  • Fanatics/Friends/Followers/Family/Staff of the Pasadena Weekly (or at least their cover art!)
  • Fanatics/Friends/Followers of Art, Books, Food, or Music
  • Fanatics/Friends/Followers/Family/Staff/Supporters of Cafe Pasadena Weekly!
  • Fanatics/Friends/Followers/Supporters of Pasadena or Art History
  • Fanatics/Friends/Followers/Supporters of Small or Independent Businesses
  • Or, maybe you’ve had a Favorite T.Gleeson PW cover you always wished you could purchase/own

But I, uh, I don’t fit in any of those groups!”, you scream.  OMG, if you live in Pasadena then it sounds something is missing!  My fix is start filling it immediately: tonite at Century Books, and, by following & reading this Cafe Pasadena blog from this day forward – the one New Years resolution everyone should make and keep! 


Century Bookshop, located in a historic landmark building (1039 E. Green St, Pasadena) & run by artists & bibliophile’s, is just around the corner from Euro Pane Cafe. It’s literally only a 1-2 minute walk from Colorado Blvd down to Green St.  In other words, if you made it to Euro Pane last Sunday, you can just as easily make it to Century this Saturday!


Here’s The Artist on the cover of the, ahem, Cafe Pasadena Weekly, giving y’all a personal invitation!



Gotta Eat! Stay Thirsty My Friends

Pasadena Greetings


10 responses to “Covering the Artist: Tony Gleeson

  1. If you missed last Saturday you haven’t successfully escaped us yet! More jazz, wine and cheese this upcoming Saturday evening (June 1) at Century’s “Meet the Artist” reception. And — oh yeah the art will still be on the walls!

  2. I will take your advice and start checking CP every day – every *morning* – so I don’t keep missing these events. Looks like I missed another good one.