Happy Mothers Day??


Mothers Day 2013



This past Sunday I was able to observe several forms of Mothers Day gatherings.  Above is just one form.  I suppose no matter what type of special day it is, if it happens on the weekend especially, for some it’s always Guy’s Day in the wide world of women.  🙂


How was your Mothers Day?  If you have children or your mother is still living, I hope it was honorable, loving, and life affirming as it should be.  Unfortunately, it seems more children are growing up without this goddess, or a father, or both.  I would have to believe the norm or ideal of children experiencing a balance perspective of the feminine & masculine sides of their life is suffering.

God help those as they seek to fill that hole.  And God help us as we live with more “grown-ups” living out their dysfunction among us – which might be most of us.  The new normal.

But I digress….how was your Mothers Day?


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