One Mother of a Day!


As you can see in the photo below, here in Pasadena it’s not gonna be one of those perfect weather days you’ve been to led to believe we have nearly everyday as you watch from afar, on your TV, our Tournament of Roses Parade or Bowl football game. You know – the perfect weather – with the snow capped San Gabriel mountains of the Angelus National Forest the crowning the Valley below.



Pasadena Photo Hall


Nope. The weather looks – and feels – threatening.   I’ve written before about our unpredictable weather.  We’re gonna have to hunker down to shield us from the elements of mother nature.  Sure, in this kinda weather you wanna be sure to protect the sick & elderly, the women & children, the hiker & retiree, but especially the most valuable member of your families (if you’re fortunate to have one) – the canines! 

If we’re lucky and brave to dare go outside, take an umbrella because this weather should still yield us some photo opportunities.  Nevertheless, my friends, I may not always stay inside during the weekend, but when I do, it’s on day like today.

It’s turning out to be one mother of a day!  Pray we all survive it.


Gotta Be Cool!  Stay Thirsty My Friends

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8 responses to “One Mother of a Day!

  1. Ugh, I never look forward to our heat waves. But I’ve got myself a big wide-brimmed hat, and I always carry a bottle full of more ice than water–hopefully that will get us all through the summer!

  2. Today was a hot one. But when I think of the Tournament of Roses, it is usually associated with rain. Either way, at least we survived.

  3. Guess I headed home in the nick of time!!! I went down south on Thursday the 2nd …one day of glorious heat then rain, rain, rain!!! (I prefer snow to rain!) And left again yesterday…apparently just in the nick of time!!! Got lot’s of household chores done getting the old house back in shape after the kids moved out!!!