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With a backlog Pasadena centric articles, going back years and centuries, I probably shouldn’t be blogging about this (I know, I hear ya), but this is just further evidence that I’m not a writer.   Disciplined writing habits are unknown to me.  But the strength curiosity has over me, I know well.

The type of history usually written in these modern times by their modern woman (and man), is the PC variety.  But this canine doesn’t easily succumb to human weaknesses. I bark it as I see it – bark it as it is – to The People.  I’m not saying I’m the bravest dog in the room, but I could be the only dog in the room willing to bark.


So, lemme quickly remind y’all of some history – one of my favorite subjects:



I remember the 1996 AOL. For many, AOL was our first taste of surfing the brave new world of the internet. What about you?

I’m also aware of the new 2012 Microsoft Windows 8. 

I’m curious (there’s my problem again), how many of y’all use Win 8?  I don’t.  But my next computer will force me to make a decision on software operating systems (OS), besides hardware.

How does it compare to the Apple operating system (OS), or even the prior Windows 7 or Vista?  This new Microsoft OS supposedly is a big “improvement” over the prior version.  A history changer and challenge to Apple’s OS.  So some say.  If true, maybe Microsoft has learned from history.  For our sake, if not Microsoft’s, lettuce hope so!

Next article, I promise to get back to what’s most important – Pasadena. Hope to see y’all there.


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7 responses to “P.C. History

  1. There are no complaints about the service at Roxolana; the staff answered our myriad of questions and did so with a smile. The food was an Eastern European adventure, full of flavor and history and the atmosphere and location make this a must-visit culinary destination; I’ll be Russian down to Roxolana again very soon.

  2. Haha, that image is funny! I don’t recall it looking that way, but I sure do remember when AOL was cutting edge! Remember when they used to constantly send you those cds in the mail? We have Macs here, so I can’t say anything about the new Win. But at least I like the colors.

  3. I’ve been using Windows 8 {only because it came with my new laptop} and while it has a few nifty things in the apps and so on, I usually click on the desktop view where I’m more comfie. The file history option for doing backups is pretty nifty. But I certainly wouldn’t whine if I had to use Windows 7 instead of 8.

  4. Everyone else had aol, but I didn’t. We had an alternative. Something similar but can’t recall the name right now.

    I have windows 7 and not upgrading anytime soon.