It looks like the corporate bigwigs at NBC, or anyone who may be pulling their strings behind them, have again forced out Jay Leno – the long-time host of the Tonight Show since Johnny Carson retired last century.

Once again it appears corporate is attempting to replace the older, proven, gray-haired host with a younger, hipper dude. First attempt was with Conan de O’Brien.  Round 2 is with Jimmy Fallon. 

Why has NBC made the changes? Well, Leno & The Tonight Show have been #1 in that 11:30pm time slot, even after Leno came back to rescue NBC after the O’Brien miscalculation, basically since he took over from Carson.  So, it can’t be that.

I guess we just have to trust , once again, the corporate experts at 30 Rockefeller Center know what they’re doing.  Have faith in them to know what you, the audience, really want to see, despite what the audience and ratings tell them. 

One part of Leno’s Tonight Show I’ll miss is the Headlines: Jay reads and shows ridiculous/funny newspaper headlines sent in from the audience.  Am I gonna have to take up his Headlines baton once Leno is gone? I don’t plan to. I’m not as funny or ridiculous as Jay. But here’s a pair of headlines from a couple of days ago.


Both headlines are about the same subject: announcing the employment/jobs statistics from March.


Our Pasadena Star News stick to the hard facts & stats by simply announcing the numbers.  It leaves the interpretation, good news or bad, to the readers.  Although, if you didn’t know better, these raw numbers could lead some to think the economy had a good month.  You’ll probably just have to read the article to form your own opinion.



The Los Angeles Times only states one stat (jobs) and interprets the economic news for the readers: It’s BAD economic news.  One could say The Times wants to lead you the reader to their way of seeing things.



As it turned out later, virtually all pundits & spinners interpreted these latest employment/economic numbers as negative. BAD News!  After gathering the facts, I also agree the Obama administration is still searching for a solution to this economic repression.

But, how do you want your news/paper or online – to report them to you initially?  Just the facts to help you form your own opinion (PSN Way), or giving you their interpretation/opinion to influence you to think like the media (The LAT  Way)?


Seen last Sunday


And, that’s HEADLINES for the week.


Gotta Question Authority!  Stay Thirsty My Friends

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8 responses to “HEADLINES!

  1. Ah, a difficult question (and I will miss the headlines on Leno too–they were my favorite part!). I have to say that what I really like best is a user-friendly chart or graph, showing what has changed or not changed. I guess I need something simple and straightforward to help me draw my own conclusions!

  2. Every news source gives its own view of the world because every day they have to select what gets covered, and of what’s covered, what gets featured. I was part of an LAT group once where 20 of us got to make our own selections and compose a front page. It was pretty instructive because we ended up with 20 entirely different opinions of what mattered. In this regard, I don’t see much difference between LAT, PSN, LT, NYT, or the Christian Science Monitor.

  3. I give up trying to understand why a lot of decisions are made, puppy dog. {Including some of my own. 🙂 } As for my news, I prefer it straight up ~ just the facts are fine!