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Ok, I just gave some ink for politicians but I’d rather give more time to the artists and their kind. Last night was Art Night in Pasadena. It happens twice a year and continues the tradition in this city since virtually  its founding in 1874 of honoring the creative and artistic.  Therefore, in light of this fact lemme shine a light on a couple of local area artists.


Linda Lyke 

Linda is a Professor of Art at Occidental College.  She is known for her printmaking, multicolored abstract monotypes and mixed media work. Linda has shown in over 15 one-person exhibits and 80 national print and drawing exhibitions.




As a woman printmaker, I’m drawn to the historical struggle of people who live and create artifacts from nature, specifically the Beothuk Natives of Newfoundland and the Native American basket makers of the West. As an environmentalist and Angelina, I’m inspired by the skyline and vistas that surround me. As a woman artist, I am drawn to the sacred symbols of life and the infinite.


Her past exhibits include images of the Arroyo:

My fascination with the continually shifting topography of the Arroyo and Los Angeles in general is reflected in many prints and drawings. The contradiction between the densely populated areas that surround the Arroyo and the pristine isolation of the Arroyo itself illustrates a fragmenting of nature and city. On a recent walk through the Arroyo, I was struck by the idea of an earlier time in which the landscape shaped us rather than vice versa. Power lines and sky scrapers symbolically reinforce our false assumption of man’s triumph over nature.




More info:  http://LindaLyke.com   http://lindalykesart.com/




Karen Neubert 




Karen is a Southern Cal native! She’s primarily a painter & printmaker. Educated at Stanford, Otis School of Art, and UCLA.  Just some of her past exhibitions have been at the Pasadena Museum of Art, LA County Museum of Art, Brand Library, Avenue 50 Gallery, Cal Tech, CSULA Luckman Gallery, Boston University, Occidental College, and the Berkeley Art Center.

And now…here, at Century Bookshop in Pasadena!




Where can you see much more of their latest gallery projects?  Well, at Pasadena’s Century Bookshop of course!  Run by professional artists themselves, as well as bookworms, and simply wonderful people.  About every other weekend you can find new artwork displayed and/or live music playing in their Upstairs Gallery. 

Their art will be on display until March 14th. If you like art, books, or music, I recommend you make a visit to Century Bookshop, where the owners always make you feel welcomed.

I thank Linda & Karen for allowing me to show a tiny sample of their work here at the Cafe Pasadena. Now, head out to Century Bookshop by the 14th to show your support for art & books:  1039 E. Green St, Pasadena.


Gotta Check Out Some Books & Art! Stay Thirsty My Friends

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  1. I love art. I often hit up the art walks around town… but took a hiatus for awhile… looking forward to the Brewery Art Walk the last weekend in April though!

    • I’ve been to the Brewery art walk. In fact, I think I went to one of their very 1st AW’s. I hope it’s improved since then but that they’ve continued to serve food!