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Have you heard? It’s political election time, again

Here in Pasadena several school board and council district seats are on the ballot, Tuesday March 5th. The election getting the most print, notice, and most entertaining, is city council District 3.  Incumbent Chris Holden finally gave up the seat & is not running for reelection…because he’s now state Assemblyman Holden. 

Career politicians!  Well, they’re not entirely to blame. We the people, voters & non-voters alike, as well as the cheerleaders who surround & support these politicians can take their vows too.

Anyhows…I found myself, of all dogs, at the District 3 candidates debate at Pasadena Presbyterian Church in February. You heard that right. I went to sit & listen to a few wanna-be politicians “debate.”  And District 3 is not even my district!  

So, how did this happen??  No, nobody paid me $$$$ to attend one of these, unfortunately.  But I know for some, politics is essentially their religion and they would be willing to actually pay to attend a political event. 

In my case, one of the people I know is a Pastor at Pasadena Presbyterian. Another is the President of the Downtown Pasadena Neighborhood Association (DPNA).  This debate was being held at her church and organized by the DPNA. Most importantly, they both like to check out various restaurants.  If I was gonna continue to be invited to their feasts I’d better accept this political invite too.  Besides, I try to support my friends, those I know, in whatever positive thing they’re up to.

So off I went into the cold, dark, night of a candidates debate…



Whenever I go out in public I rarely ever expect to see anyone I know, although I always do. Among that group that night I saw the Mayor, vice Mayor McAustin, the owner of the Raymond Theatre among other Old Town Pasadena properties, and the incumbent Queen of the Doo Dah Parade.  Oh, and someone I usually see only at Euro Pane or going in circles around the Rose Bowl each morning, through a poke in my back had found a  seat behind me.  He must be a District 3 person.


But, enuf of text. Lights, camera, action!

The Senior Pastor welcomed the political people to church



President Edewards welcomed everyone to beautiful downtown Pasadena



and took advantage of the assembly to give a slideshow overview of what the DPNA currently advocates.






I was gonna say, “Hi”, to the Mayor and/or vice Mayor during intermission but it appears they left very early.  Maybe they noticed me, or had heard enough of the DPNA “welcome!”


On the left, the moderator a DPNA board member, and the 3 council candidates



The moderator asked questions on various subjects to each candidate. The most common response from Benson: “I do not know enough about this issue. It is a question I will have to study more about.”


Left to Right: Benson, Kennedy, & Trone

They each claimed to have deep roots in the community




The Gamble Lounge of Pasadena Presbyterian Church



After the debate, as people exited, I chatted with someone I know. I gave him my opinion: once again it’s the best choice among bad choices. Glad these aren’t my choices in my district! And I told him who I thought was the best among the bad.  He agreed.

Since that night the Pasadena Weekly (PW) has done investigative reports on Benson, Kennedy, and Trone. Scrutiny is usually part of the price for entering politics. Unfortunately, what the PW found has only confirmed my initial opinion. 


The PW found Benson may be untruthful when it comes to his name, education, title, birthdate, and whether he even lives in the district. He may not even live in Pasadena!  However, for some reason he’s dropped out of the race.  Kennedy was acquitted of attempted murder in the 80’s when he accidentally shot someone.  With Trone, the district attorney is investigating whether he truly lives in the district, or with his estranged wife – in Altadena! 

Yesterday I heard the great editor of the venerable Pasadena Star News, Frank Girardot, say that “transparency” is a problem in Pasadena government/politics. If only it were just Pasadena! Well, I doubt these candidates would change that, or change Frank’s mind.


However, I did see one person at church that night who, if I lived in that district, I could vote for. She’s a woman, with a royal heritage, she wears glasses, and she’s better looking than any of these candidates, but, I’d give her my vote!  😉




After this event & what has followed, I’m left with this – the highlight of the night



If you’re in District 3 who, if anyone, is worthy of  your vote?


Gotta Question Authority. Stay Thirsty My Friends

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  1. That was a very funny post. Considering Princess HaHa Galatica Pomodena has a reputation for eccentricity, public scrutiny would most likely render nothing surprising. She should run.