Occupy Gas Stations


If you live in Pasadena or California I don’t have to tell you we usually have among the highest gasoline prices in the nation.  But that’s not enough, neither should I have to tell you the prices have been on the rise again in this new year.  Looks like the big oil companies make new years resolutions too.



I mentioned the Occupy movement on this old blog before, back in October 2011.  If you’re on a tight budget these gas prices probably tempt  you to wanna either organize an Occupy Gas Stations, or just sit out this latest round of price increases.

Has this affected your spending habits? I hope your weekly vehicle usage is not many miles.


Gotta Sleep. Stay Thirsty My Friends

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4 responses to “Occupy Gas Stations

  1. Awesome photo! I don’t worry too much about the gas prices. My car is as economical as it can be, and I don’t drive too, too many miles, so I just look the other way as the gas pump ticks up, up, up!