Food Fight Club


When you live in “Hollywood”, especially Pasadena, you’re used to bumping into film production crews around town. Commercials, Movies, TV Shows – these happen virtually everyday here.  The city has it’s own Film Office, which for a small population of about 135K should tell you something.

Then the other day a location scout comes into a cafe to ask a question about Pasadena locations and ends up giving me his business card.  The Rose Bowl, City Hall, & residential architecture are among the most popular targets. But occasionally restaurants are covered too.

Pasadena’s Euro Pane Bakery & Cafe has been the subject of a couple of these over the years, as well as numerous print media coverage. The latest is this year:  newspaper & television coverage – and the year isn’t even 2 months old. In case you missed it, the LA Times Food section named one of Euro Pane’s recipes as one of the Top 10 Recipes they tested in 2012.

And the television part this year is this…


This was how customers were greeted last month upon entering Euro Pane. I think some were camera shy and reversed their course!  FOOD FIGHT CLUB. Ever heard of it?  I talked to one of the production crew and he told me it’s a cable food show and this Euro Pane episode should appear in March. From the internet I gather it’s a food show originating from the United Kingdom with chef Jamie Oliver as one of the co-hosts.





I counted 3 cameras inside and 1 outside.  We’ll have to wait & see what they saw!





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3 responses to “Food Fight Club

  1. Last week i saw an episode of Chef Ramsey(?) trying to save a Kabob house in Monrovia. And did that place need saving. Huge, but I would look in the windows and think, who did the decor here? yet alone want to eat there – Skeevy to fabulous.

    • Although the warning sign didn’t sway me from entering the cafe, I think I still avoided the seeing eyes of their camera. But, if you see me on the show lemme know! 🙂