Pasadena Patriots

There’s been a brunch of flag-waving lately. Seen it on New Years, even at the Obama inauguration, then this month with the various Presidential holydays. Have you noticed? 

And we’ve only kicked-off the year, this baby is not even 2 months old! 


Pasadena has not been immune. There’s flag after flag after flag after flag…right now lining up & down Colorado Boulevard, and, Centennial Square.  

A few Pasadenan’s wear their patriotism on their sleeve, or, if you’re female, over your shoulder. (above)

And neither have we been immune to the seemingly hopeless homeless problem.  I’m acquainted with some of these local characters and they are often kinder & more considerate than the respected people covered in their fine materiality, and, homes.  I’ve known one too many “respectable” people who when you simply said, “Hello/Good Morning!”, give you a quick look over before deciding whether to acknowledge, or, ignore you.

But, I have found some of these poor/homeless individuals are not ashamed to show their faith or wave the flag compared to the establishment elite. (below)




Where do you stand on showing the flag?  Have you ever displayed the flag of your country?


Gotta Think. Stay Thirsty My Friends



13 responses to “Pasadena Patriots

  1. I love the United States Flag. It symbolizes so much. Although I don’t wave a flag myself, love bringing out the colors of red, white and blue during the summer months.

  2. I haven’t hoisted a flag myself, but I’m all for it! On Australia Day in particular, you often see plenty of miniature ones like these fluttering off cars. You’d enjoy chasing them with your camera, puppy dog.