Traveling with an Angel


Most of us love traveling!  When people are asked what would they do if they hit the jackpot, e.g., “win the lottery”, “Trave!” is always among the very top things to do.

I too like visiting new, fascinating, & stimulating places…with beautiful women. It’s a great concept. However, the process of traveling to/fro I don’t like, to say the least: long lines, associating with a brunch of people who can’t even speak english which reminds me too much of home, masses of humanity & inhumanity, learning the customs and In’s N Out’s of each place, and coming back with a lighter wallet or heavier debt load…just to name a few dislikes, etc, etc!! 

And do I need to remind y’all of TSA body checkers at the airport. Maybe some of my blogger friends don’t mind the fondling but my fondling is done privately, as it should be with y’all come to think of it!

Fortunately we have “expert travelers” to guide us safely along the traveling tightrope.  Rick Steeves on PBS is one favorite with his wonderful travelogues! . But here in Pasadena we also have our wise travelers to guide us on our merry ways.

One source is Distant Lands on Raymond Avenue in Old Town Pasadena. They’ve been our #1 source of travel expertise since last century.




Another source is Angel Castellanos, or, as I’ll call him – the Travel Angel of Pasadena. In his younger days Angel used to work at Distant Lands.  Just the other day I attended a travel talk (Travel Tips & Tricks) he gave at Distant Lands.  I know him through a Pasadena group we’re members of and via a mutual friend at the Tournament of Roses. And good people I know, with something offer, I try to support in my small way:  the other day attending his event, and today in this blog journal.




Topics he covered were 1) packing light & smart 2) getting through the airport without hassle 3) tips & tricks at your destination 4) Q & A

Just a few of the tips & tricks I’ll share with you here:

  • Before packing something (hairdryer as one example) check what provisions the hotel & airline may already have for you!
  • Scan/Copy important documents like your Passport. Take these extras with you.
  • Try to avoid tour packages so you can be independent and meet real local people.
  • Carry a money belt to foil pickpockets.
  • Keep all your electronics in your carry-on bag


After his presentation I scanned the travel offerings (books, travel aids, luggage/bags, etc) of Distant Lands and was rewarded with the discovery of 2 boxes of fresh donuts! Good & tasty. Yet, somehow I only ate one!  😦



Angel will be giving another presentation next month at Distant Lands.  The subject will be on traveling in this digital age. Lemme tell you – I need an angel watching over me when I travel!  Especially in LA area traffic. Until next month, you can get more information from him via these contact points:



Where’s your favorite travel destination & your least favorite part of traveling??


Gotta Get Some R & R. Stay Thirsty My Friends

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5 responses to “Traveling with an Angel

  1. Cool! I love to travel, but honestly these days I feel like the worst of it is getting to LAX! I fly out of Burbank whenever I can–it’s just so peaceful there by comparison!

  2. Love Distant Lands . . . not enough good travel stores out there. We’re headed to Hawaii with 3 kids (eekkk) this summer but other than that, the new baby will probably put a damper on our travel for awhile.

  3. I’ve not travelled much at all yet, puppy dog, so I’ll have to leave the constructive tips to others more seasoned. So much to see right here on my beautiful home soil and I haven’t even scratched the scratch. { I hope you score more donuts next time. }