Writer’s Best Friend

Y’all probably know that we Dog’s are woman’s, and man’s, best friends.

But, did you know we are also the secret tool of women writer’s?  How can you explain that! 

Their secret (canine) is out of the bag.

“Hey, but what about cats?”  What about them!  You have a writing pad or computer/keyboard, of course.  Now, recall a bad dream of a cat walking or laying on top of these.  Maybe they even mistook it for a litter box.

If Dog is writers best friend, do I really have to tell you what a cat is.  Please!


Btw, do you know some of my friends are women writers? Who? You’ll just have to guess, or read this blog…


Per AndreaWiseForNYTimes0203201

A woman at work.  Novelist Ann Leary (wife of actor/comedian Dennis Leary and lookalike of a writer I know!) at work writing as her dog Holly keeps an eye on the surroundings.   Her story: Shames Serves as a Muse.  Photo by Andrea Wise for the NYTimes.



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28 responses to “Writer’s Best Friend

    • Sorry, Queenie. Frankly, I can’t keep up with all your blogs, or their names. 🙂 I need to review my blogroll & edit out those bloggers who are no longer actively commenting and blogging. I have to save room here for those who are active.

    • VH, yes long time no see – cuz you privatized your Pasadena blog! But, good to hear from you on my old blog again. I hope you’re still writing, sharing your thoughts. You have a blog, old or new, which I can ck out?

      It’s good to see both you & others back together commenting on my blog!

      • Hello! nice to see you again.

        I have been busy! I am internet famous now, wow, do I have some stories to tell. Its great to see you are still going, and great to read the posts about Pasadena. I will stop by more often.

  1. Well, you know that I am a big fan of the canines! By the way, I have your cookies! Message me on Facebook and we can set up a time for me to bring them to you.

  2. I saw that article too! I must be an anomaly–I have neither a cat nor a dog. But my best friend as far as writing is concerned is my support system–friends, family, and awesome fellow bloggers like you!

  3. Like so many of my favorite writers (including Twain, Colette, Bradbury, and Hemingway), I am a cat person. You’re absolutely correct, though, about how they hop on the keyboard and cause trouble. Even so, the barking dogs next door do nothing to inspire me. Poet Billy Collins wrote a wonderful poem after listening to his neighbors’ dogs barking all day. It’s called “Another Reason Why I Don’t Own a Gun.” Really funny poem for writers 🙂

    • I admire those excellent writers such as yourself who can continue to write despite having a cat in the house. 😉 And you are a wonderful blogger too – I just wish I had more time to read your blog, let alone work on my own! 😦

  4. Ann Leary’s book sounds excellent ~ and I’m already looking forward to the movie! I guess I’ll have to be somewhat patient on that score. Happy Monday, puppy dog.