The Lost Art of Mixing


I know this is a last minute notice, or last hour, again, but y’all know I’m not a writer, so onwards and…

This blog magazine has always had a primary goal to promote Pasadena and the people who live & work here, including those long gone whose connection with the Crown City was long ago.   Which brings me to the another chapter in Pasadena’s Gold…

I “met” Erica just last week at our Vroman’s Bookstore. I don’t recall any specific reason for visiting that night but then the section of books for upcoming authors/book events caught my eyes. Including a few novels titled The School of Essential Ingredients, Joy for Beginners, and, The Lost Art of Mixing. All by Erica Bauermeister. 

Other writings include co-authoring “Let’s Hear It for the Girls: 375 Great Books for Readers 2-14.”

Of course, until last week a dead man resting knew more about Bauermeister than your loyal canine writer!  Nevertheless, some skimming & previewing of these novels told me I had to read more.

The Joy of Mixing (which I initially read & recited as The Joy of Mingling) is Bauermeister’s latest writing. In fact it was published just last week.  She’s now out on her The Joy of Mixing Tour.


Even the cover is appetizing

book Cover a


Do you like people, conversation – relationship?  Books, reading?  What about FOOD: cooking, eating, restaurants, window seats!  Then this book is for you, as well as me.




I also like the fact she is a relatively rare bird: a Pasadena native.  Went to college at next door neighbor Occidental.  And, how’s about this: Erica was actually born in Pasadena.  No, you heard me right…BORN in The Crown City!, “BORN in The Crown City!!”  (I think a song was written by this title back in the 80s, unless I’m misremembering.)  😉 Most of us here were born somewhere else, even if it were in the so-called “Pasadena Adjacent’s.” 

While she spent her youngest years here, she didn’t stay long and soon left the state for grad school.  And a PhD in Literature from the University of Washington. 


Why am I telling y’all this?  Well, because if you’ve liked most of my prose so far you should be interested in this: the author will be at Vroman’s Bookshop for a book talk/signing/Q&A tonite on February Day – February 1st at 7pm! 

I’m lucky to see her in Pasadena!  When I 1st “met” her at Vroman’s my 2nd thought was, “Wow, when is she gonna be at Vroman’s??”  My next one was, “Oh shhhh, with my luck she probably already came & left!!”  But to think she was still on her way back down to her birthplace, and this week – well, the endorphins kicked in.

But enough of me.  I asked Erica for just one reason why lovers of books, conversation, relationship, cooking, eating, Pasadena, or, FOOD, should be interested in attending her The Art of Mixing book event tonite. In her own words:

If they like character-driven, lyrically written works seen through a variety of viewpoints, held together by a love of Food and and awareness of the senses, they like my books. Generally. There are plenty of good quotes on my website, too, if that’s helpful –


I didn’t know why I went to Vroman’s that particular night. But now I know. And so do you. Going out to eat tonite? Then this book/event should be on your menu!


PS: If you can’t make it tonite, please Tweet this if possible. Thanks!



Gotta Eat & Read! Stay Thirsty My Friends

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    • I was wondering where you’ve been, MF. I thot maybe u had given up blogging or writing. Get Well Soon & lemme know if get any of this Pasadena natives novels.

  1. I saw “the art of mixing” in action today. I brought a “mixed race” doll to Blicks, on Raymond, to find paint to touch her up . Their elder employee spent 20 minutes finding and mixing paints to perfectly match my 100 year old doll.