EXTRA: with Santa & The Mayor

Do newspapers use “EXTRA” nowadays?  I know the Los Angeles Times doesn’t. Probably some humans of recent vintage don’t know what I’m talking about!


Chapter 2.  I very rarely take pictures of our honorable Mayor of Pasadena, or the retailers special delivery service – Santa Claus.

The reasons are as simple as 1,2,3:

  1. I’ve seen them countless times around town. So have y’all.  Overexposure.
  2. They’re photographed constantly.  Remember my motto: as long as public-figures/celebrities, famous or infamous, leave me alone – I’ll leave them alone!
  3. I’d rather take a shot of a beautiful girl, such as some of my blogger friends, than a couple of, cough,… I’m getting long winded here.  I have more reasons, but instead lettuce cut to the photos I DID take!


Attending last years city of Pasadena annual Christmas Tree Lighting was not in my plans.  However, a thought suddenly entered my brain (Believe It of Not!), which pulled me out of the comfy cafe & out into the dark, cold night toward Citihall.

The thought: I wonder who is gonna MC the Christmas Tree lighting with the Mayor now that Ann has retired as city Public Information Officer (PIO)??   Well, the new Pasadena PIO, William Boyer,  of course, but……

PIO Boyer as MC for the Santa Claus Christmas Tree lighting?  Of course not!  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met our new PIO several times during his first year in office.  He’s a great guy.  Likes to shoot his Nikon DSLR, even likes some of my photos, but,…for this event I kinda felt he would delegate the duty to someone from his large staff.

Furthermore, unlike other Christmas tree lightings, Saint Nick was making an appearance, which lured out the largest mass migration of children & parents I could remember.  Our new PIO wouldn’t be involved in something like this?

For sure I wasn’t gonna get stuck in that mass of Christmas cheer & children!  My experience and canine wisdom led me to get above all that mess of mass.  And what did I see…

P2070607                                    PIO Boyer, MCing! (Or was it singing?)  And Mayor Bogaard looking on in wonder.  I promptly did a quickie Christmas prayer.


Being up above all the Christmas revelry with Santa & his lovely female helpers lifted my spirits & brought me pleasure!  Santa waving to his friends, fans, & followers down below in the Citihall Rotunda.


But even Santa couldn’t stay above it all.  He had to get down with the kids and their parents. 

I went down simply to get out. I’d seen enough.  On the way out I congratulated new PIO Boyer on his first city Christmas Tree lighting and mentioned how I would understand if this also was his last!  On the contrary, “Oh no, I love it!”  I’ve known him just long enough now to think I actually believe him.


As I tried to leave, I exchanged Christmas greetings with a few others, including the Mayor.


This was the first time I decided to ask the Mayor to pose for a photo.  I certainly didn’t plan to: it was busy with people walking in front of my shot, noisy, people were looking for the Mayor such as PIO Emeritus Ann, it was dark, and though the lighting in Citihall can be fascinating, it can also be tricky. 

Nevertheless, Nikon DSLR devotee, and  PIO, Boyer liked my mayoral image enough to ask for a copy.  Well, what do I know about good photography!  I guess it only seemed right I should have at least one photo of the Mayor in the Archives of The Cafe Pasadena Photographic Collection.

And then this dog ran off into the cold, dark night again. Will the dog survive?   Yes, with the warmth of the light & spirit of Christmas fueled from my unexpected stopover at Citihall.

Have any of my readers ever been to a Christmas Tree lighting ceremony – this or another?

Y’all have yourselves a Merry Little Christmas!, and since we have yet another holiday on Monday…“Happy Holidays!”



Gotta Sleep!! Stay Thirsty My Friends



11 responses to “EXTRA: with Santa & The Mayor

  1. The mayor looks like a good guy! I have never been to a tree lighting ceremony but they sound like fun. Maybe I will get to one this year.

  2. I haven’t been to a tree lighting in several years. Your experience makes me want to travel to Pasadena next year! Great photo of your mayor!!

  3. Your mayor has a very kindly face, puppy dog! And you had the perfect vantage point ~ if I didn’t have someone to hoist me on their shoulders in that crowd, I’d want to be up there, too.

  4. I attended two Christmas Tree Lighting ceremonies this past year. One was in Culver City, and the other on Santa Monica Main Street at the Heritage Center. I feel felt the community spirit at both of those places, and I think it’s a great way to honor the community. I really didn’t grow up having these kind of ceremonies in Minnesota.

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  6. Cool!! We missed it this year, as we were out of town (flights at Christmas time are so expensive that you gotta go when you find a bargain!), but I remember that your post on the tree lighting several years ago was the first post of yours I read, and it’s how I found your blog! Here’s to another lovely year!