Back to Reality


Didn’t I say wake me up on January 2nd?  I overslept! My Pasadena Star News says its now the 11th.  Why didn’t someone wake me!  Alright, you were weary as well. Fine.

I don’t have much time, as per the norm, but lemme sea what’s happened since I last talked with y’all last year.


My Rose Princess Roses already are showing their age.



Our guests from the rain, snow, ice, sleet & cold  – the midwest & north of Wisconsin & Stanford – have left the building.  But they’re temporary visitors. Although every year leaves behind a remnant from every corner of the globe.  Hey, I understand.  However, our historic landmark Rose Bowl is again left to contend with the masses of people who have dug-in, into the hills surrounding her over the decades.




Christmas & the Happy New Year have been put out back.   All but forgotten.  Except when to take the Christmas tree & lights down.   The warmth of the Christmas spirit of joy, peace, reconciliation, happiness, goodwill toward men (and I assume, women too), & love, plus the celebratory, optimistic, & party mood of New Years have turned cold & are a thing of the past.  A moment in eternity. Left for the dumps.




It’s back to how I’ve found most people really think and behave, – especially toward those they impersonally know. Where a simple, “Hi!”, to a stranger passing on the sidewalk can return a shocked, speechless look.  Or, a simple street crossing today reminded me how quickly they can turn into mean streets.  What’s new & happy can quickly get old & sad.  To put it mildly.  Hell – what happened??

Nevermind! I won’t depress or anger y’all with the details.  This article has gone way longer than planned, as usual!  Lettuce just say we’ve got plenty of work to do – it’s back to reality. 


So, you have any big New Years Resolutions?



Gotta Get Working. Stay Thirsty My Friends



16 responses to “Back to Reality

  1. I tried to wake you up, didn’t I? I have two new year’s resolutions and so far I haven’t succeeded at either one. The main one is to get more sleep. I’m guessing you don’t have any problem with getting enough sleep.

  2. Well it has been really cold around here lately, but I am referring only to the weather! I would so smile and say hello back! Happy New Year!

  3. Ohhhh you jaded canine, you!!! Maybe it’s the mountain air and the below freezing weather up here, but folks here are still saying hi with a smile…of course, it could be because they’re generally on vacation and just got off the slopes!!!
    Hope your New Year perks up and you get more smiles!!!

  4. Roses {and cheery moods} can sometimes fade too fast ~ I’m glad there are plenty of souls out there who still do {like you} nod and smile or say Hi to strangers in the street. {Sorry I forgot to wake you, puppy dog.} Happy weekend and full food bowls to you.

  5. It’s always a bummer when the holidays are over, I agree! But I also agree with Adele–those photos are gorgeous, and I love your roses!

  6. Okay, so is it weird that I think those roses are still beautiful? And I love that shot of the bridge and the lights – Really nice!