Snow White in Pasadena

Occasionally people tell me, ‘”Geez, you know everybody”, or, “You’re well-connected!”  That this nonsense is said by those who truly are well-connected, and/or who know at least 10 people for every “body” I happen to know, is even more ridiculous!

Notwithstanding the above, like you, I do know some people.  And I’m so, so, so far behind in giving them some recognition here.  But blogging/writing isn’t easy for me.  Despite 4 years of experience, if anything it’s gotten more difficult.    Lemma not waste any more time – let’s hit the road to the Pasadena Playhouse.


I told you how Vincent Van Gogh is here in Pasadena to spend the winter, I tell you that he’s living here still.  Now let me tell you about another famous one.  Someone more photogenic.

I came upon her during a dark, unclear night.  Totally unexpected. Just Snow White and your scribe on that dark knight!  Yeah, that Snow White.  My words can’t do her beauty justice. So, I’ll just show some pictures and try to keep silent.


The first sign that something special was up




Which lured me up the stairs.  Sign, sign, everywhere a sign



I reach the Top & take in The View at the Pasadena Playhouse



It’s dark. But there’s some light, beside me, from the Playhouse to guide my investigation



I recognized the fountain but I sensed things were different this season.  It was a silent night with no life other than mine. So, I decided just to leave…without Snow White!



But, where’s your Snow White, or anyone, you ask!  Mindreaders! Then I saw another sign and  knew I wood have to come another day.  For Snow White.  But my leave wood bee temporary – another quick visit, on another day.





Day 2.  Even in the dark something was clearly different from Day One. 1) Hollywood Tour” bus.  Although, we’re used to seeing tour buses in Pasadena – even from Hollywood via the United Kingdom. 2) and, some Life




A closer look revealed my images from before were no mirage. Something was going. Snow White, and, Rudolph de Red Nosed Reindeer too??




So, what’s this all about? Officially, per The Pasadena Playhouse:

An updated version of the classic tale, in the style of the traditional British family Panto, A SNOW WHITE CHRISTMAS features family-friendly magic, a comedic twist and modern music. A Panto is known for its interactive style and humor that appeals to fairytale fans of all ages.

Kris Lythgoe, with Lythgoe Family Productions, is on a mission to bring Panto Productions to the United States, “We are thrilled to be partnering with The Pasadena Playhouse. Pantos are a British tradition. This interactive, modern musical show will be enjoyed by the entire family.” The Lythgoes have created television shows such as “American Idol” and “So You Think You Can Dance”. Audiences will enjoy modern music from Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Katy Perry, and Bruno Mars.

Plus, each ticket includes admission to our “Winter Wonderland” festivities of family-friendly holiday activities and treats. There will be special crafts, games and joyous holiday music. Our concessions will offer holiday goodies and delights at special family prices. And, our favorite friend Santa will be visiting from the North Pole and available to take photos as a keepsake to remember your visit of attending A SNOW WHITE CHRISTMAS at The Pasadena Playhouse.



Now these I was familiar with. Still, it felt different.




Well, at least I found Snow White in name.  Or, was that chauffeured vehicle her carriage?




Wait. Santa Claus is making an appearance at the Playhouse as well??  Of course, if Rudolph is gonna bee here!



Finally, this looks like a place where VIP’s such as Snow White, Rudolph, and, Santa may make their appearance! 



As I thought: “It’s SNOW WHITE!!!”


“Nah”, she said, as she reminded me how much I envy those with easy, winning smiles. Well, whatever. She’s MY Snow White!!  And that’s all that matters to this Dog!


After seeing this floating vision of wonder & beauty I totally forgot about Rudolph and his Santa Claus. But why write about this. Isn’t the above picture reason enuf?!   Ok, another couple of reasons for y’all:

  • This whole transformation of the Pasadena Playhouse is for A Snow White Christmas – the current production at the Playhouse.  This Christmas Spirit will play through December 30th.
  • I hope some of you may be into this British version of the Christmas Spirit as well. I’ve heard/read rave reviews of this version of Snow White.  Click for TICKET INFO.
  • A last reason, but not least, is cultural organizations & its creative people always need our support.  The wonderful Artistic Director of the Pasadena Playhouse for one!  Whenever I see the tireless AD it’s not at the Playhouse: he’s at Euro Pane Bakery & Cafe  getting recaffeinated to help meet the daily challenges of keeping a cultural organization alive and well.
  • Support our local cultural organizations & its people!


I’m sorry but I have to take leave now. I wish I had much more time for Snow White but I’m being pushed, pulled, rocked & rolled in too many directions now, with this blog just another!


Gotta Get On It! Stay Thirsty My Friends

Rose wet


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