@LATimes: Then & Now

Before this year dies from old age, lemme revisit an old article I wrote here on a prior visit to the iconic LA Times headquarters building across LA Citihall.  You’ll need that old posting to best understanding this new post, so here’s the link to that old article back THEN.


&, now then:







When I did a return visit to The Times of Los Angeles, which captured the above shot just as I was leaving, I was 1st met by the question: “Where have you been??”  I haven’t seen you in about 2 months!”  I don’t recall what my answer was, but I hope it was something like, “Well, if you guys ever improve the cafeteria around here so it doesn’t taste like cafeteria food at best, maybe I’d drop in more often to eat, ahem, to say “Hi, how you been!” I’ sense, and I hope I’m wrong, the job cutbacks around here have hurt their food offerings the most.

But, with my questioning K9 eyes I have my own questions.

Did any of you read the LA Times Sunday Magazine?  Or, even knew they published a mag? How many still read the newspaper on paper?  Or, even get your news primarily from a newspaper?

So many questions for the newspaper industry…will someone be able to answer for them?  Lettuce hope & pray Santa Claus and/or the advertisers have the industry on its Christmas list.



Gotta go check my IPad. Stay Thirsty my Friends

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8 responses to “@LATimes: Then & Now

  1. So where’s our TOR update? Someone who used to work for Pasadena Weekly told me she once published a story on the Rose Parade, and spellcheck changed every TOR to Tofu. And no one caught it

    • Ok, I got a new one up now. I’ll try to find time to write up another TOR post up by New Yrs.

      And it sounds like you’re another who didn’t care much for the LAT Sunday Mag.
      Btw, I think your friend was thinking about eating while she was writing up her story.

  2. I loved the LA Times Sunday magazine. I still look forward to a Sunday paper and hopefully it will still be around. Love the then and now comparisons! Hope your week is going well….Pasadena is a busy place right now 🙂

    • Thank you. The paper will always be around, well, I take that back. Freedom of the press, like the right to bear arms among other of our rights, have always been under assault by Govt/Politiicans!

  3. Not only do I remember the L.A. Times Sunday magazine, I remember when they had two of them, one called “West” and the other called “Home.” They were terrific and are much missed. I don’t think we knew, as they faded away, that we were seeing the inexorable decline of the Los Angeles Times from a world-class newspaper to fish wrapping.

    • As long as advertisers rather see their ads on large paper instead of a small phone screen, newspapers will continue to live another day.

      Sounds like you’re a native of Southern Cal, or at least have spent most of your life here?