Van Gogh in Pasadena

A friend of mine today – in a Cafe – asked me if I “liked Van Gogh?”  

Wasn’t expecting anything Van Gogh from her!  How did she know about the great painter Van Gogh & Cafe Pasadena? Had I told her of my experience with him on Friday, or was it on TMZ, etc??

I then shared my experience with meeting the great artist Vincent Van Gogh, one of Cafe Pasadena’s fav’s, who was spending the winter in the great world center of art & culture, weather, and blogs:  Pasadena, California USA. It turned out she had also met Vincent on the following day. Now, we got it.

Our Norton Simon Museum is graciously providing winter residence, rent free, to Mr. Van Gogh!!  I decided to become a part of the welcoming party on his 1st official day in the royal, ahem, crown city.  I heard hoards of his groupies also came to see & stand before him. “I heard”, I say, cuz when I arrived I often found myself alone in a private audience with Vince.  But I’m not complaining after my experience at City Hall on a precious night.





Now, y’all are probably sayin’: “yeah, yep, yes,..but how does Van Gogh look after all these many years?  Did you get a photo of  Mr. Van Gogh?!!”  Of course, my readers & commenter(s)!  Weren’t you paying attention to this posting?  Here he is, again, in living color:




As far as I’m concerned, Van Gogh looks good for his age. In fact, there are a couple of locals I’ve noticed, on the streets of Pasadena, who kinda look like him. Imagine that!

But it’s best you see him – VAN GOGH: A Self-Portrait – at his Norton Simon winter residence, not on the street, so there will be no mistake in identity!  He’s visiting here from his home in Washington DC (the National Gallery of Art) until March 3, 2013.  He’ll be 150 next year on his birthday, March 30th.

I mentioned somewhere in this website how we had he super scientist Albert Einstein taking up residence in Pasadena back in the 1930s. Now, in the 21st Century, it’s the great artist Vincent Van Gogh.

I hope & pray you go visit him while he’s here in Pasadena. Then, please report back to me here on your impressions of him.


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18 responses to “Van Gogh in Pasadena

  1. My favorite day in a museum was in Paris about 30 years ago…at the Jeu de Paume…the Impressionist museum of the time…it was fabulous…not only did I get to see Van Gogh…but also all the greats!!! Awesome is absolutely the right word!!!

  2. I absolutely will! I would put money on at least one person, maybe more, having stood before his portrait and sung “Starry, Starry Night”. His life was hard, he needs a lullaby.

  3. Love, love, love Mr. G. When I was in Amsterdam, I spent hours in his museum. So glad to know that Pasadena is temporary home to one of his paintings. 🙂