Dark Clouds & Fighter Jets over Pasadena!!

There must’ve been some mistake!  Sure, we could see The County calling these in over Altadena, or some place Adjacent.  But, Not Pasadena!

Thankfully, the skies only looked threatening. Any of my readers fortunate enuf to catch the flight of a pair of fighter jets flying over Pasadena last Saturday about  high noon? 



Or, was I the only lucky one, of all people!!!

(Luck was not on my side for one thing – the weather.  Light drizzles meant my dusty camera lens was now a dusty, wet lenses. I couldn’t always click when I wanted.)



Pasadena’s are the friendly skies for such aircraft – especially police copters!  But that’s for another article. I’ve seen defense aircraft here before, such as leading the opening of our Rose Parade just as another example.  I showed a couple of these photos to a friend of mine who for decades has been a professor at the California Institute of Technology’s Guggenheim Graduate School of Aeronautics. He’s also a pilot, as he better be. I told him these looked like F-15’s.  He wasn’t impressed with my eyesight but also wouldn’t volunteer his own opinion.  Well, what does he know! Just proves even if you have a couple of PhD’s, you don’t know everything.



On that same day 2 Pasadena Police choppers went down in a really strange accident. It even made the TV news. I’ve met 2 of the police pilots and pray they weren’t involved.

At first I thought these 2 jets were their temporary replacements.  😛



In real time I felt these 2 jets were flying too close to each other for being over a major populated area.  Unfortunately, these photographs haven’t changed my mind.  Last thing we need would’ve been another aircraft accident, and on the same day!!

Our city has quite a history with air flight, Cafe Pasadena’s Believe It of Not!, as well as with aerospace. Maybe I’ll get into that another day, or year!  My CalTech professor friends might like that, or, not!


Thank God our pilots don’t pray to allah to meet up with a harem of virgins!



So, did you catch these acrobatics in our skies? And, maybe, get them on film or disk for the resta us to see!



Gotta Eat & Think.  Stay Thirsty My Friends



8 responses to “Dark Clouds & Fighter Jets over Pasadena!!

  1. I’m sure we heard them over Sierra Madre, too, but didn’t get to see them. I love the way you’ve captured the signs with the planes. Very striking!

  2. That last photo did send shivers up my spine… I guess they know how to fly in close formation, but it sure does seem exceptionally snug. I’m sorry to hear about the police choppers ~ helicopters seem particularly vulnerable. Are you sure that’s a speck of dust on your lens and not a Unidentified Frying Object?

  3. I think we heard them in la Canada. Probably they were for the UCLA Stanford game. There was a flyover for the UCLA USC game too as I vaguely remember.

  4. Yikes. That last photo is ominous. Love all the photos with the Pasadena landmarks. I caught a glimpse of these fighter jets but for the life of me can’t remember where I was.