Tourist Trap


A scene I’ve seen played out before in Pasadena…




Tourists, visitors, come worldwide to Pasadena for any number of reasons. Traditionally they came for the weather, their health, and the Tournament of Roses of course.  In more recent times they’ve added to their list education, such as Fuller Theological Seminary, one of the top seminaries on this planet.

And here, to check out The #1 University in the World: California Institute of Technology aka CalTech.

Cameras at the ready,  tourists turned instant models wearing Cal Tech on their background. (A Pasadena Star News writer friend of mine read this but didn’t like my choice of, “wearing.”  But even I can’t always please all the people all the time!)




The last three years I’ve noticed a higher number of people who seem to be either tourists, or just new to the city.  Whichever, I hope our visitors stay long enuf to respect and learn some of the background of Cal Tech and Pasadena. It’s no longer just all technology, roses, and voluptuous women who can stop a car without even using their thumb!

Have you visited Pasadena as a tourist? Some came for a visit, and stayed for their life. Others planned to stay just a few months or years, then regretted when it was time to leave.


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10 responses to “Tourist Trap

  1. I grew up in the area, but somehow always feel like a tourist when I’m in Pasadena, It has a magical quality to it, and always brings a new adventure.

  2. I moved to Pasadena because I needed to find a house for the stray pittie I found. Hard to believe but true: I moved to Dena to keep Tommy. Oh, and because I worked here.

  3. I’m among those that traveled across the country to Pasadena for education, and have stuck around. I always find it a little bit jarring when I see it written out as “Cal Tech,” which unfortunately happens in almost all of the media. The institution and community refers to itself as “Caltech,” not “Cal Tech.” Not a huge deal, and keep up the great blogging!

    • I know they abbreviate it that way, even down to the URL. Although I’ve written it both as one & two words, I prefer the more correct 2 word abbreviation. My personality is to take the road less traveled! Alexander, what made you stick around here? What were your original plans after the education? Thks for your input.