Do You see what I see 2 ?


Within the last two weeks I was a bit startled to start seeing certain images around town.  And I don’t mean Halloween related.  Here’s what I do mean…



(Coming to Pasadena? Parking – don’t leave home without it!)



It’s Here.






They’re Here!  You just gotta slow down, look, & listen.



I forgot which out of state plates this “Winnebago” had on. The Man in Red (driver) proceeded to tour Orange Grove.  




In my age of maturity these things seem to be coming around sooner. Or, is it just me?  Therefore, before it’s too late, lemme me wish y’all a Happy 2013! And best wishes to USC in the Rose Bowl game. 🙂



Gotta Catch Up! Stay Thirsty My Friends

Pasadena Greetings2


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