Do you See what I See?



P2040165a A very recent View from Colorado Blvd, Pasadena




Gotta Shop & Eat. Stay Thirsty My Friends

Pasadena Greetings


9 responses to “Do you See what I See?

  1. It appears everyone, readers & commenters alike, failed to see all that I saw. Nobody mentioned the In N Out food truck in the background – opposite the wreath! It was there to feed the people of Le Cordon Bleu culinary school. And the last one, but not least, to feed me, for free! Wonderful things can happen when you slow down to smell the roses. 😉

  2. Heard of a sign at Nordstrom that says something to the effect of “We believe in celebrating one holiday at a time so our Christmas decorations will go up after Thanksgiving”

  3. It used to be the Christmas season didn’t start until after Thanksgiving but I don’t mind the early decorations this year: cold weather is getting me in the spirit. Cool photo. I love the palm fronds contrasting with the wreath.