Tournament of Roses Royal Court 2013


The 2013 Queen of the Tournament of Roses (ToR) was selected last week which was a subliminal kick in the rear to me to either write this up, or “wait ‘til next year!” 

But, I’m getting way ahead of myself, because the week prior to last, on October 8th, was the naming of the ToR Royal Court. And out of that Group of 7, would the Queen then be selected.  So lemme talk just a little about the event announcing the Royal Court.

Y’all  may recall last year I gave a glimpse of the annual ToR royal court call.  This year, another look at the process leading up to The Rose Parade & Rose Bowl.  My time constraints, and other personality handicaps, necessitate this will be a brief, quick, abbreviated, look – Cafe Pasadena’s Believe It or Not!

Therefore, now a quick view of the media event on October 8th to announce the lucky 7 young ladies chosen for the Royal Court.


P1970030a1 It tires me to think how long this blog article would’ve been if I hadn’t been one of the last to arrive!  The above scene was quite startling for me personally.  Until this day, every time I’ve been on the south lawn of  ToR HQ I’ve had to share the space with only peace & quiet.




This was almost as much an event for the media as it was the day for 7 special girls. Therefore, although the head honchos of the ToR – the executive committee – had reserved seating, the best seats (front & center) go to the media with their fancy, bulky cameras. Besides the media, attendees are primarily family/friends of the royal court candidates, and those associated with the ToR.  I was wedged between the Queen & Royal Court committee on my left, and the Executive committee (pictured seated below) on my right.





Joan Madsen, Chair of Queen & Royal Court Committee is the 1st to walk on the red carpet.  A Welcome….



…and a Thank You to her Queen & Royal Court Committee, with…

Queen & Royal Ct Committee



…an introduction of, and first appearance of, representatives of the 2012/current (soon to be past) Royal Court: Princess Morgan & Princess Stephanie… 


Per StephHynes Fbka16  photo: Princess Stephanie


…and the reintroduction of The Group of 33 finalists for the Royal Court…













I was talking to the mother of this tall blonde before things got rolling. Mom (tall, too!) was understandably nervous.  She looked to be the tallest girl in the group. Sadly, despite having a super personality, she wasn’t named to the Royal Court.  

It was also about this time when the lack of food and caffeine kicked in. It made it’s appearance when I began wondering why more than 7 girls had been called on the red carpet:  (I thought this was the announcement of the 7-member Royal Court – NOT who made the 30+ finalists!) Finally, the other half of my brain woke up to make me realize Chairwoman Madsen was simply reintroducing the finalists prior to naming the Royal Court! I should’ve gotten a cup of the Official ToR coffee prior  to this event…not after! (yes, you heard me right)


P1970236a31   P1970134a21

The ToR (Marceline’s Finest) makes a fine cup of coffee, and hot cocoa! (I learned from a couple of attendees there’s a Walt Disney history connection)


With all the finalists presented the President of the 2013 ToR makes her appearance – Sally M. Bixby.  Her main job will be to name the 7 girls selected for the new/2013 ToR Royal Court




The 1st girl selected to the 2013 court is finalist #626, and representing the 626, from Mayfield Sr School – Vanessa Manjarrez! ! (Being 1st was prophetic as Vanessa, my choice, was named Queen the following week).  At this point the 2012/outgoing  Princesses Stephanie & Morgan go into action.  They congratulate each of the 7 girls and present them with a bouquet of roses – effectively transferring royal power over to the new/2013 Royal Court. 



If it looks like an all girls club, it isn’t of course: your K9 correspondent, womens best friend, is here afterall! Nevertheless, the women in the ToR, starting with President & Queen, have their share of power. Power which I’ve noticed over recent years has been growing.

Excuse me…

Now I hear applause for the newly named Royal Court…



…especially from the groupies aka their schoolmates!






Enough of the Royal Court!  Recall this is also a Media event.

The Royal Court 7 together for the 1st time. And one last look before the media is unleashed on them for the first of many occasions.  (Princess Vanessa in the yellow, nearest to me, was named the Rose Queen the following week) 


(By now most of y’all probably know who made the Royal Court. For those who didn’t: Vanessa Manjarrez of Mayfield Senior School, Madison Teodo of La Canada High, Sonia Shenoi of San Marino High, Kathryne Benuska of Maranatha High, Nicole Nelam of Pasadena High, Tracy Cresta of La Salle High, & Victoria McGregor of Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy)  The following week I was talking with Victoria’s mother. Mom told me her daughter was enthusiastic, and long intended to try out for the ToR Royal Court.  I’m happy their dream became reality.


Butttt, haven’t I said enough of the Royal Court??  Remember this is also a Media event!!

The 1st interview went to big sponsor & parade broadcaster KTLA-5, represented by reporter Lynette Romero. The ToR of has their own professional PR/PIO people to handle these sort of things.  Of course, the other media was gonna be sure they got their turn at the new Royals!





For obvious reasons I’m only posting a small sample of photos here.  And I decided to include this shot since I just noticed it’s of Lauren Sivan interviewing  Princess Vanessa who would soon be Rose Queen Vanessa.  I was gonna introduce myself to Lauren but I got pulled/pushed in different directions & next thing I know she was off to edit her story.  Later, she would let me know this was just story #1 of 3 stories she would have to do that day.  I couldn’t be a reporter.  I’m barely a blogger.



The media weren’t the only humans wanting newly minted royal time. With ample assistance, quickly getting into the habit of posing for the camera is Princess Madison of La Canada High…




Once the royal torch is passed, old royalty is relatively forgotten.  I told Stephanie, “once a Princess, you’re always a Princess in my little black book!”  😉  My thanks to the beautiful 2012 Princess Stephanie.  P1970127a17



And I wouldn’t dare forget the Main Woman of the ToR: Sally Bixby, President of the 2013 ToR.  I congratulated her again.  Then we made small talk, as in weather it was gonna rain on her parade, like another certain female president of recent past!  Prior to her retirement she was a healthcare administrator. She’s wonderful, with a healthy sense of humor. It’s easy to see why she became one of the select few chosen to be a President…

President Sally Bixby


Unfortunately, way before this time I was running on empty coffee fumes.  Like I said before: wish I had known about the caffeine beforehand. So a couple of more pics, chats with some people I know, and then I was outta here for a ToR coffee break!!  



The 2012 Princesses had given Roses to each member of the 2013 Royal Court, and, put down their own Roses.  In The End, all that was left behind was an undying light of another ToR Royal Court past…  passed into another chapter of Pasadena History.





Gotta Eat & REST! Stay Thirsty My Friends



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