I rarely know beforehand the days I will blog post.  And if I do know, usually something “comes up” which cancels the writing for that day.  Or changes the blog subject. 

Like just the other day. I was walking on Colorado boulevard, from Vroman’s Bookshop toward the Suicide Street Bridge, when I noticed someone I know:  the owner of Zona Rosa Caffe poking his head into the soon to open Blaze Pizza Parlor!

So that was enuf (Pizza alone is more than enuf). I took the bait, followed him into the Blaze, and changed my blog subject for the day!



This decision meant I learned Blaze was having a special trial, or pre-grand opening, opening, today.  For friends, fans, and family of the newest pizza joint in town.  And for customers, the official 1st day of business is scheduled for this Monday, the 15th.

From my pic above you can see above it’s located at the NE corner of Colorado & El Molino. Next to the Lamelle theater & Vroman’s Bookshop. They’ve moved into the space Vroman’s writing/stationery recently moved out of!





And recently, the owner over at Euro Pane Bakery & Cafe  thought she was introducing me to one of her friends & giving me a scoop.  My response: “Oh hell, I already know Norma aka Mrs. Taco Station! Try to tell me something I don’t know!”

But what I didn’t know was the planned date of the reopening of her Taco Station aka Norma’s Taco’s.  You see, she had to move to a new, larger location at 959 E. Colorado – just doors away from our mutual friend at the original Euro Pane. You may have seen, and eaten at, their old location at the gas station on Green St just blocks west of Pasadena City College.  Well, now you go here to check out Norma’s Tacos…



Norma’s Taco Station grand reopening is planned for Monday, October 15th. Also!




Well, this is the news which replaced my original blog subject.  That’s all I have to say about the latest round of restaurant musical chairs.


Have any of my eating readers been to these restaurants?  Or do you plan to check them out soon??


Gotta Eat & Rest! Stay Thirsty My Friends

Pasadena Greetings


16 responses to “OPENING’S

  1. We saw them working on Blaze, but we have never been! We go to Vroman’s all the time (we are book nerds!), so we will try to pop over for dinner sometime, if it isn’t too crowded!

  2. Looking forward to trying the pizza place! It will be interesting to see how they’ve transformed the space. Taco Station has been on my list, too. Will have to make it a priority, from all I’ve heard!

  3. The taco place at the old gas station had always been on my list. Really. But then, so too had the Delhi Palace. So now I have a 2-fer. After my Huntington tour next month, will hit one or the other, that’s a promise I’m making to myself.

    • And Euro Pane next door! I expect to find a full report of these restaurants, complete with food porn photos, at your Altadena/Patch site. I look 4ward to it next month. Don’t disappoint me.

  4. Safe to say I won’t be eating at any of these locations in the immediate future, but if I’m in town, they look like good places to start the culinary trail. Enjoy your snacking adventures, puppy dog.