Wandering Down around Town

Any idea what this means or where I found this engraved on a street corner?


I thought so.



Recently I was returning to my car from a history related event in downtown Los Angeles. They basically paid for my parking which meant I could afford to eat a few more meals before I croak.  So with that, I took the, ahem, long way to my parking lot home.

Which led me to the bunny on this corner. This is 5th & Olive, where part of Old L.A still resides: Pershing Square, Biltmore Hotel, etc, and others.  For instance, this sidewalk.  Even some of the newbie’s – like the parking lot below.



They paved over the music with a parking lot,  is how I wood describe the NE corner pictured above.  This post isn’t meant to be a history lesson on that corner, although I know much more than I have time to write here. Nevertheless, back in the 1980’s (I think that’s the decade) The Philharmonic Auditorium was demolished to make way for another parking lot.

The city of Los Angeles didn’t deem the auditorium (built 1906/7) significant enuf to prevent its destruction.   I seem to recall  the LA Conservancy at the time, while it wanted to save the building, also didn’t feel it was relatively important architecturally. The big reason it was allowed to be killed: the birth of the new Music Center for the L.A. Philharmonic in the 1960s.  Do I have to tell you where the orchestra’s home field is now…

Prior to the Philharmonic Auditorium, 5th & Olive hosted Hazard’s Pavilion.  This fact I learned by way of a history friend at the LATimes.  The Hazard was built in the 1880s.  Sort of an all-purpose hall.

And what was “there” before Hazard’s I hear some bookworm ask?   I haven’t confirmed this, but it was just a vacant lot. Nothing. Almost as bad as it is today.

But, I digest. I wasn’t gonna go into any of the history of that corner, and except for this skeletal outline, I haven’t!  The main subject was the bunny in the 1st photo.  So while someone hopes “Bunny” will live forever, the same couldn’t be said for what once lived at the NE corner of 5th & Olive.



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  1. It’s kind of cute! I have no idea what it means, but I hope it’s paying homage to Bugs rather than Hugh Hefner. That parking lot looks sad, though here in Brisbane where parking fees are beyond crazy now, it would be hot property. Snack well, puppy dog.