The Guy is Still Big in Pasadena!


I’m gonna continue my posts for this Ben Wideman Week theme in Pasadena.

Since The Sky is Big in Pasadena daily blogger has returned to the Crown City this week, Ben has had a “bucket list” of things he wanted to do before he & the family return to his pastorship in Pennsylvania.

One of those items was to eat from Food Trucks. Especially from Kogi BBQ – the truck that kick started the food trucking craze from here to the east coast.

Luckily, our schedules were able to interconnect at a point during his stay: at the Kogi BBQ truck! So we met for lunch at Pasadena City College where Kogi just happened to be making a stop!



I found Ben waiting for me…next to the Kogi and Pie & Burger food trucks, of course!




We ordered burrito, taco, & this Pac Mac Quesadilla. Whoa, this may have been the highlight of our meal!  For those doubting Thomas’ who may not believe the name:


P1960279a Yes, it was worth $8.00!!



We shared the wonderful truck food, and mostly serious conversation.  And soon lunch was over and we had to part…


Many people come to Pasadena for a relatively short time, and then find their time here is up, and have to leave. Yet, many wish they didn’t have to go. What can you do.



But it’s always good to see good people return to town again, a brother blogger – especially over a tasty lunch – and remember life is about making time for relationships.  Have you visited his blog while he’s been visiting this week?


The skies are big & sun-filled for Ben.



Gotta Remember. Stay Thirsty My Friends

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11 responses to “The Guy is Still Big in Pasadena!

  1. I waited for Kogi BBQ one night about two years ago but it was packed and getting so late I had to give up. I should probably try again. Everyone raves about it.

    You’re a generous blogger brother.